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  1. MR. i can't do this because reboot after 15 S off boot . but but my fan on gtx 1050 !! it's gaming system so different fan controller . my ACPI file . please watch SSDT-9 and search fan . for off gtx we most use ssdt-9 when we use _OFF on my fan go to max speed after that i read all code in this file and i sew fan on it . origin.zip
  2. oh my god i tested with out touchpad but cpu use 5.5 W with out running app . how can i limit cpu usage ?
  3. yes i do . i haven't install AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient in S/L/E and in all system . cpu most use 2 w but now use 5.5 w in with out any app running
  4. now only find NullCPUPowermanagement.kext in L/E and removed and item in clover but cpu use many power my problem only cpu power using !
  5. nullcpupower removed but i can't fund AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient for remove where are there ?
  6. MR @black.dragon74 do you have an idea for fix my cpu W using with other patch ?
  7. HI MR when i used patch , patch off 19 device of my laptop one off 19 device is GTX and fan sensor i thought in item and after patching dosen't work and fan speed go to max . befor patching this guid for fan work but when i used patch doesn't work !! please read my patch and dsdt original file and check my fan port .
  8. HI . i have asus gl553vd when i using my system after open monitor app restart and sys because problem and we restart your mac ....
  9. i test SSDT for fan but when i use the patch doesn't work and fan go to max level SSDT-FAN.zip
  10. please check my report file . when check file you can see my system can't find fan !!!
  11. HI I have asus gl553vd = I7 7700HQ - HD 630 ( installed) + GTX 1050 Desktop model ( i love to off full !!! ) + mac os 10.13.6 i fix many things ( touchpad model elan 1200 . hd 630 . screen light . lan . usb .speaker ) i have so necessary problem ! my cpu love to eat many power on battery and AC ( go to 120W ) and buttery work only for 2H and so bad for buttery working . i checked full and i found MR GPU ( GTX 1050 ) is on and use power for off them i used graphics_REG-disable patch for DSDT after patch system boot and i was login to mac os next , after 25S fas speed go to max level ( 6000 ) but cpu work amazing only use 2W power !!!!!!! and battery work for 5H . i get to file report , befor and after patching . how can i fix speed fan ??? @Jake Lo with patch.zip with out patch.zip
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