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  1. Hey everyone, This is going to be a small post detailing how to fix jack sense issue while we use AppleHDA for on-board audio. This also fixes crackling noise that we get when plugging/re-plugging a headset. Note: This method won't work for anyone using VoodooHDA to enable on-board audio. The fix is very simple. Download latest ALCPlugFix from: https://github.com/black-dragon74/ALCPlugFix/releases Make sure you have CodecCommander installed. If not, download and install it from: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-eapd-codec-commander/downloads/
  2. To everyone, the SSDT-FAN in post #1 was only tested uptown Skylake. I recently got a new Coffeelake machine. Once I get some free time, I will update this SSDT to work with newer systems. Note: FAN CONTROL ON ASUS GAMING LAPTOPS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. THE SSDT IS MEANT FOR NORMAL HOME/OFFICE LAPTOPS WITH 1 FAN ONLY! Regards
  3. can you please help me fixing wifi issue on my 3468

    i am using AR9565

    1. black.dragon74
    2. ZainAnjum


      My wifi keep searching but no device found you can see it here:



  4. Attach proper problem reporting files. See How to generate proper problem reporting files.
  5. Yes. Using a SSD will result in dramatic performance increase.
  6. APFS on a HDD is painfully slow and is not recommended under any circumstances. Install to HFS+J.
  7. Hey community! As you all might know we underwent a massive upgrade from our old forum to this new one. After the upgrade you might have noticed that signatures aren't that well visible. They look completely out of the place and are a total mess to look at. So, after tuning up our site and handling the core things, I have managed to take out some time today and was toying around with the web developer tools in Chrome. I wanted my signature to look a bit different and more stylish. As you can see, it also has some fancy animation once you hover over it. You c
  8. You are still not getting my point. "WE NEED NEW OUTPUT OF YOUR PROBLEM REPORTING FILES". Attach proper problem reporting files. See How to generate proper problem reporting files.
  9. @vinh1978, whenever you try something new suggested by some member and yet are unable to fix the problem then when you report back (after trying) you are expected to provide new problem reporting files (it is written clearly in FAQ thread for gen_debug). Why submit new files everytime you try changing something? Coz, if you change the files many other things also change and they help keep track of how close we are from fixing the problem. Without new files after change, it is like shooting in the darkness and hoping to hit the bull's eye. Hope you understand. Regards
  10. Attach proper problem reporting files. See How to generate proper problem reporting files
  11. I will try to implement it once I have some free time. Thanks for this suggestion. Regards
  12. Hey @Allan. Welcome to the crew.
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