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  1. Post output of "pmset -g"
  2. Cover photo on new forum

    You can. Try setting one and let me know.
  3. My exams are over! OSXL is refreshed and I'm back.

  4. [SOLVED] E7450 (Optimus) - miniDP issues

    https://github.com/black-dragon74/OSX-Debug/commit/8100217170515ae0f5d639143992479b0bf5e2ec#diff-53ffc37bb1e59b082cc415c39ede2a99R345 Pay close attention to line 345. This feature was added in version 2.0 and I can see that you are running the latest. Can you please point me where exactly is are the values left unmasked? Regards
  5. E5520 Ethernet & Sleep problems

    Because, your ACPI files are older than 1 day. (Read the output of the script)
  6. [Help] High Sierra 5547

    Until BTFirmwareUploader is updated for HighSierra. Use this workaround (bit too much to follow there but if you really need BT that is your only resort as of now.) Note: If you are on macOS 10.12 or lower, you can directly use BTFirmwareUploader for bluetooth functionality.
  7. Install mac Os Sierra on HP ProBook 450 G3

    Attach proper problem reporting files. See How to generate proper problem reporting files
  8. E7450 Issues (Graphic Glitch, Battery Indicator) [10.13.3]

    One newer hardware you don
  9. [SUCCESS] E7450 (Optimus) High Sierra Installation Problem

    This one. For some reason, the attachment failed to upload earlier. Didn't notice that! Regards SSDT-DOFF.aml.zip SSDT-DOFF.aml.zip
  10. [SUCCESS] E7450 (Optimus) High Sierra Installation Problem

    This issue is occurring because you forgot to disable your Discrete GPU. Place this SSDT in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched and you'll be good to go! Regards
  11. E6220 Guide for High Sierra

    You are expected to attach a problem reporting archive in order for us to be able to help you out. Here's what you need to do. Boot into macOS (using -v flag as you are unable to boot without it) Attach proper problem reporting files. See How to generate proper problem reporting files Regards
  12. E7450 Issues (Graphic Glitch, Battery Indicator) [10.13.3]

    Can't see anything attached to this post. You are expected to attach the report to the latest post of your's. And yes, the IOREG part of the script has been totally rewritten and is perfectly stable for future use. Regards
  13. DSDT Patch Request for GPIO Pinning

    Hey mate! Sorry but I can't help you if you don't follow the things I ask you to do. Things you've effectively ignored are: I asked you to not to apply any i2c patches except Windows 10 patch but you have modified TPD1 and GPI0 methods in your DSDT. I had asked you the BIOS name of your Trackpad from Windows Device Manager but you didn't provide me with the same. Please provide me with the things that I need and then expect me to help you! Regards
  14. DSDT Patch Request for GPIO Pinning

    Where did you verify? Also, You forgot to place VoodooI2CHID in E/C/k/O Why do you have PIN 0x0055 in TPD1 (I had asked you not to do any edits related to I2C controller)
  15. DSDT Patch Request for GPIO Pinning

    They are specifiers for parent node. We need specifiers for Child nodes (TPD1 or whatever it might be) No. It