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  1. I got bunch of files on the ACPI Folder, are they unnecessary ? (Again Im on Clover) Tbh, I don't even know what some are for, my EFI since Catalina was based on a random Inspiron, for now, Brightness Fn Keys aren't working (the sound ones are), Intel Bluetooth (Because of Monterey), and dragging is laggy and the three fingers dragging isn't ideal, if only the touchpad was a little larger
  2. That was like a temporary solution but I kinda like it now lol Also I'm on Monterey Beta 7 and I use Clover :)) Can I please use your EFI instead ? Idk tho, I think I might stick to Clover, unless OC gives faster boot (mine is relatively slow, compared to windows 10 that used to boot in like 7 seconds, now it takes like 20 to 25 seconds to boot)
  3. Thanks @Lorys89 I just found the AlpsT4USB.kext thanks to Baio77's Post and now gestures are working (The Kexts were enough) Dragging items is a little bit laggy.
  4. @utendar Were you able to make multi gestures to work ? we both got the same exact laptop
  5. No, didn't work, also the touchpad isn't working, going back to my old EFI Also the Hack didn't work sadly
  6. The SSDT didn't work, but I saw another one that really worked and have fixed the F7 key problem definitely (It was broken even on the EFI you gave, so im sure the SSDT worked) Also same problem, can't generate the debug thing I just noticed that the Touchpad wasn't even working, even after removing the SSDT related to it I keep pressing the F2 and F4 Keys on the clover menu every time I boot but still can't generate the debug file, same error (Its not the first time im doing this process)
  7. Yes I did, and it didn't work, I was unable to mount the partition on RW btw here is my EFI : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BHOPrp-WgS5Qgjo7Qdr4Hle0N5MhL0j7?usp=sharing
  8. is this the IOReg Thing ? debug_1391.zip Someone on the internet said that the debug folder contains the IOReg but I couldn't find it
  9. Ma bad, I didn't know Here is the SysReport folder SysReport.zip Also I have another problem, After Updating Clover, 1 month ago, I've started seeing many errors before entering the Clover Bootloader Menu, I was able to fix them all since they were clear and easy to understand, except one error, it is related to a signature that is "MCFG", I was using "#MCFG" on my EFI coming from Big Sur, but now it keeps showing this error, If I try to boot using "MCFG" the system boots, but is extremely laggy and slow, it works for fre seconds then is either stuck or reboots with a message that says an error occured, if I remove "MCFG" completely, then the system don't even start, what should I do in this case, should i just ignore the error message ? config.plist.zip
  10. I have deleted everything after the "showing menu ..." message opencore-2021-06-22-140431.zip
  11. @Jake Lo 21 Worked, now Everything is working except : Bluetooth ( I will wait for upcoming kext and MacOS Updates) Touchpad Gestures (Not a Big Deal but it is the reason why I could never make this Latitude 5480 a perfect Hackintosh) Thank you so much Guys @Jake Lo @Hervé @Bronxteck
  12. When I was on Catalina, I tried both 13 and 56 and I noticed no difference, I went for the 13 because, well Idk
  13. Okay, I will Try to, I've been using 13 since Catalina
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