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  1. @Jake Lo, it's working after rebuilding cache, thanks. @ende4711 That's so cool, Bluetooth wasn't working very well for me. I will try Your EFI, it looks interesting...
  2. @Jake Lo I updated Clover, Touchpad not working again....
  3. EFI for Dell Latitude 5480, i5 6300U, Catalina, 99% No trackpad gestures Intel WiFi needs separate Kext EFI : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tsWPZ_rxRGjHZapl-1MbsZSQZu17GBlh?usp=sharing
  4. okay @Jake Lo thank you, I will be waiting for Clover because im not ready for OC yet, its harder you know. if I had another compatible PC tho, I would be glad to be part of the "leg work".
  5. @Jake Lo Do you recommend updating to Big Sur ? Will I face many problems again ?
  6. @Jake Lo Do you know something ?? YOU ARE THE BEST ! thank you very much for everything, now everything works perfectly, and the laptop boots 100% of the time, no problems at all, sometimes the OS is laggy but I think due to Dual Core CPU or lack of Ram.. Anyway, I will always stay around، maybe I can get a new PC soon, who knows... Also this Hackintosh in my opinion is not 100% completed, since some Fn keys are still acting weird (idk how to use that karabiner thing), also I have to fix trackpad gestures with a workaround, also wait for the Intel WiFi kext to arrive (Currently it's working but needs a lot of work in every boot) Thank you so much again, I will post the Version 3 of the EFI later...
  7. @Jake Lo It looks like the BT is the only thing left 1_ its working, and everything related to that is perfect 2_how could I know ? Hackintool is confusing, idk if the Bluetooth is in PCI, and what people call it in Chinese lol. 3_They told me Intel WiFi will never work on a Hackintosh, I respect your experience with hackintoshes but I'm pretty sure, one day, someone will find a workaround, maybe even you 4_Well, thanks, I'm not crazy to buy an Apple product (don't tell me MacOS is an Apple product) 5_ M.2 in SATA 3, its workin but idk if its in maximum performance state, also booting into the OS is so slow like if its a 7200 RPM Hard Drive, I'm talking about the time that it takes between the Apple Logo and the lock screen, about 12 seconds sometimes, but its okay if that's the maximum speed. 6_Well, I dont have an iPhone/iPad so I couldn't check, but my father and brother do, so I will try later with my Apple ID
  8. @Jake Lo And how about my CPU, is it working properly for example, like the clock speed, does it have an Economic mode for example and boost, how do I check ? Also my M.2, is it working at Max performance ? How about my serial number ? I mean App store works but idk about other things !! You, personally, when do you say that the Hackintosh is 100% complete ??? I hope you can answer , I ask a lot of questions , sorry man. Btw I will update my EFI.
  9. So here is what's left : 1_If booted with HDMI plugged in, it doesn't boot and I can't see anything, after removing the cable, still nothing. 2_Bluetooth is ON, but it's actually not working at all. 3_Trackpad gestures are not working, in fact I discovered that the problem is that the Touchpad is detected as an external mouse rather than a Touchpad lmao. 4_tried VGA, it's working, but what other things I have to check for ?? I want everything to be perfect so that I dont get in trouble when I need my laptop the most , what other things I have to test ?? (I never tried using a SIM card while I was on Windows and Manjaro (Linux), so idk if it's working from the first place, also I don't have any WWAN chip inside)
  10. Thank you @Jake Lo, It worked but I can't control volume anymore from the laptop, when I use the Fn keys, I see a lock icon, is it normal ? Oops I don't remember if "mute"/"unmute" were working, but volume control is definitely not. Also I can't use 4K on the TV, it's only at 1080i (1080p is horrible even when changing color profiles)... Could it be just the cable ? I've that they are actually different, and I never tried 4K using this one, but I'm sure the TV is capable of 4K from the HDMI and so the HD Graphics 520.
  11. @Jake Lo Yes, you are definitely right, now Headphones work perfectly fine , thank you so much. Another thing I tested and unfortunately didn't work is the Audio from HDMI .
  12. oops oops, just a mistake, Sorry I will edit that
  13. @Jake Lo They actually the same kexts, I just explained the whole working process, things I could remember at least. the codecComander is already in L/E
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