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  1. You're right, I was messing around with multiple config files and mixed them up. The actual fix was from a a thread with similar Alps trackpad issues: see screenshot from muttonhead411: Thanks!
  2. Added this patch and the trackpad is now functioning: https://dortania.github.io/Getting-Started-With-ACPI/Laptops/trackpad-methods/prebuilt.html Thank you for your help!
  3. Added SSDT-TPDX.aml to ACPI directory and to config.plist but the trackpad is still not responsive.
  4. Got sound working by following the Post-Install guide "Fixing Audio"; for others that have the same hardware: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3) layout-id <15000000> Last hurdle is the Alps trackpad...I just need basic functions for now, thanks.
  5. Thank you both! Disabling XhciPortLimit allowed booting and installed Big Sur. Everything seemed to have installed well except trackpad (Alps l2c) and audio (Realtek ALC3246). Any tips on how to proceed?
  6. Confirmed that both UEFI and AHCI are enabled. Attached EFI folder; thanks for checking. EFI-Utendar.zip
  7. Hello all, I followed the latest OpenCore guide for Skylake laptops and upon boot to install from USB, I get an error and the system stops: AppleUSBHostPort::createDevice: failed to create device (0xe00002bc); attached boot log OpenCore 0.7.3 Installing Big Sur Latitude 5480 w/ Intel Core i5-6300U Skylake HD520 Thank you. opencore-2021-10-01-132955.txt.zip
  8. Apologies, was getting an error when uploading the file earlier. Please see attached. IOReg.zip
  9. Here is a copy of IOReg, I hope I am doing this right. DSDT is from Jake's guide, original file name DSDT-E6320.aml
  10. Jake/Herve, Thank you for your responses. About the trackpad/mouse, I just figured out that right click actually does work after system reboot but only for a few minutes then it stops working. I tried Herve's kext and it is showing the same behavior; ditto with middle button scroll. Here's the camera info from System Profiler: Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_HD: Model ID: UVC Camera VendorID_3141 ProductID_25651 Unique ID: 0x1a1500000c456433
  11. Hi all, After following Jake's guide I was able to successfully install Yosemite on a Latitude E6320. However I am having a few minor issues: Trackpad right click does not work (automatically act as control-click). I connected a USB mouse and still no right click. I followed the same build process on a 6420 and right click worked there so the issue appear to be my installation/settings USB mouse middle wheel scrolling is reversed as in Windows, is this normal? Web cam not working but microphone/audio is fine. I've updated OS X to 10.10.4 and reinstalled the .kext files in Jake's guide but the issues persist. Thank you.
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