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Found 2 results

  1. Kudos to @Hervé in helping me to fix the graphics acceleration. Changes 22092022 - Installed macOS Ventura 13.0 beta 8 - Updated to OC 0.8.5 and latest kexts like WEG to spoof SkyLake (SKL) to KabyLake (KBL) - AltStore 1.5.1 and iPadOS 16.0 works Working - Full graphics acceleration on Intel HD620 HD520 iGPU, including brightness control (F5 and F6) - Multi-display with DisplayPort OOB, VGA - Audio, microphone input and headset output (F8 and F9) - Mute button not working - GigEthernet LAN connection - Wireless and bluetooth with any compatible card (a DW1560 in my case, no Whitelisting) - left and right USB ports including USB Type-C - Integrated webcam (OOB) - CPU power management - Sleep (Lid, Energy Saver settings, Apple menu, PWR button) & wake (Lid, PWR button) - Battery management - Keyboard and touchpad - Keyboard backlight (F5/F6) - Touchpad including tap-to-click, scrolling, mouse buttons (can be disable with prt scr key) Set bios settings as follows: Advanced tab: Boot options: - Fast Boot = Disabled - Network (PXE) Boot = Disabled Secure Boot Configuration: - "Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable" System Options: - Virtualization Technology (VTx) = Disabled (recommended, Enable also worked) - Virtualization Technology for Direct I/O (VTd) = Disabled (recommended, Enable also worked) Built-In Device Options: - Wake On LAN = Disabled - Video memory size = 64 MB - LAN/WLAN Auto Switching = Disabled - Fingerprint Device = Disabled Power Management Options: - Extended Idle Power States = Disabled - Deep sleep = You can keep this enabled - Wake when Lid is Opened = Enabled - Wake on USB = Disabled Credits OSXLatitude - @Hervé , @Jake Lo EliteMacx86 - EliteMacx86 Opencore Dev Team Check out Working EFI
  2. my HP 840 G3 (i7-6600U CPU, HD 520 iGPU with id 0x1916) laptop is working fine on Monterey 12.3 as MacBookPro13,1. In preparation of the coming Ventura Public Release, I genSMBIOS it to MacBookPo14,1. Since WEG v1.6.0 and above can spoof SKL to KBL from HD520 to HD620 then I have updated all kexts to the latest. It can boot into Monterey after iGPU doing retries 50 times and the dock is not transparent. Youtube can be played. But there is some performance lag on the UI. Attached are the DeviceProperties and NVRAM from config.plist I am new to frame buffer patching. Can someone please help me figure out how to spoof HD520 to HD620?
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