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  1. HP 840 G3 100% working on Monterey. Somehow there is no AppleALC 1.6.2 kext to test. So, the workaround is to include -alcbeta in boot-args Kudos to JakeLo Checkout working EFI
  2. Hi Jake, Thanks for your awesome OC EFI. My 840 G3 based on Skylake with HD520 is running much faster than previously on Catalina with Clover. I did a similar installation on my 840 G3 internal HDD. I think the remote management thingy is triggered because I installed BS on an external SSD.
  3. Hi Jake, Thanks for the download link for InstallAssistant.pkg. I managed to install BS Beta 2 Build 20A4300b with your EFI then update to BS 11.0.1.
  4. Hi Jake, I have 840 G3 like yours. I downloaded the latest BS beta installer via gibMacOS and installed in an external SSD. After rebooting few times, the setup wizard is stuck at Remote Management (retrieving configuration settings). I can't download BS Beta 4. Should I install Catalina based on your opencore config.plist then upgrade to bs? Please help
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