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Found 5 results

  1. I am having a problematic right click. I have been using the bootpack from @Jake Lo and was running smoothly with Monterey. This is my only problem. Right click on the button does not work, right click with 2 fingers work but buggy (repetitive clicks back and forth). Scrolling also triggers right click. Also the touchpad was not recognized as touchpad What I have tried: VoodooPS2Controller & VoodooPS2Controller-ALPS on bootpack - buggy right click, seems like right click and 2 finger scroll is mixed. when scrolling is disabled, I can trigger right click with 3 consecutive touchpad clicks VoodooPS2Controller (Latest from acid) - Not working Touchpad is working smoothly without issue on windows 11 (22H2) I attached the sample screen recording of what's happening. I also attached the IOReg if that will help. My hack details: e7440 i5 12GB RAM Alps v3 (as per boot logs but I'm not really sure) Bios: A28 Monterey 12.6 Regards, John Screen Recording 2022-11-25 at 9.42.53 AM.mov.zip John’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  2. Hello, I tyed some EFI but will not work. Hang at boot or boot loop. also this https://github.com/hansyao/Hackintosh_Monterey_M4800 + mod like the guy that have the simular issue who will share EFI for M4800 ? My Hardware: NVIDIA Corporation GK106GLM / Quadro K2100M NVIDIA Corporation GK106 HDMI Audio Controller Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 Intel GPU is OK for me, because NVidia is not supported or not ? Thanks
  3. Hi guys so I need a help. I've tried to install MacOs Monterey on my laptop but after all problems passed I need help with this one. So basically I'm trying to install that via recovery mode which require internet. I have broadcom wifi I think but I've tried all of those Kext's : AirportItlwm , AirportBrcmFixup, also something else. Nothing worked at this point I don't see wifi icon in the top right corner. I don't know how to fix it, yes I've added kext's to the config and I don't have ethernet and didn't worked if I plugged my iphone with hotspot via usb. Also I know I could flash monterey but first of all I don't know if I'll have wifi later after flashing and second of that. BalenaEtcher every time shows me flash failed and after trying to install on like 70% got files corrupted error. I'm really asking for help because I'm so annoyed by doing this hackintosh but I really want macOS at this point. I can link config if someone needs to just ask if you need (cannot attach config file in here). My specs : Hp Envy 15 Notebook Pc IntelCore i7-4510U 2GHZ (4CPUs) ~2.6GHZ (Haswell) 16 gb ram DirectX 12 Gpu Nvidia Gtx 850M Also Network adapters list included as attachment image. Thanks for your time. I would really appreciate for help and this is my first hackintosh so please don't blame me.
  4. Upgraded HP 9470m to Monterey beta 4 Kudos to @opencore and hackintosh107 for his upgrade to Big Sur Checkout: Working EFI for 1366x768 Broadcom WiFi Working EFI for 1600x900 Broadcom WiFi Bluetooth fixed with BlueToolFixup.kext and enable only AirPortBrcmNIC_Injector.kext
  5. HP 840 G3 100% working on Monterey. Somehow there is no AppleALC 1.6.2 kext to test. So, the workaround is to include -alcbeta in boot-args Kudos to JakeLo Checkout working EFI
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