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  1. There was an issue with the google drive link
  2. Is using an Intel WiFI card with the itlwm kext a viable solution to getting bluetooth and wifi working on this machine... WIFI is working, but I have not gotten bluetooth to work. (I may have a card that Monterey dropped support for) Thus... will the itlwm work well? OR should I simply be testing this myself?
  3. Please help... Gigabyte Z370, 64 gig RAM, 9900k CPU, Radeon 580 Working stable for years... Suddenly my desktop stopped booting into OS X... Initial determination, it was a dead power supply. Swapped out power supply THEN System boots only for around 5-6 mins. Thought it was thermal issue with AIO Corsair H60 replaced that THEN System still only boots for around 5-6 mins did clean install to SSD (it was able to install this for some reason) NOW Still only booting for around 5-6 mins Testing RAM now... Unsure what else to do...
  4. I have Catalina installed on my legacy boot DX5802 board. For an unknown reason, I can't seem to use Clover past release 5122 I was trying to build a legacy boot system to boot Big Sur (at least)... I had gotten it to boot with OC, but with a super long delay and lots of strange error messages... What is the best way to get Big Sur to boot on this machine?
  5. Attempted install onto E6530 and it hung at a certain point that I can upload later... OpenCore Legacy Patcher has (apparently) been able to patch Monterey to handle HD4000. The patcher with this update and not been released yet. Somewhat confused as to the process of taking a OpenCore Legacy Patcher created EFI folder and using it to boot an E6530 laptop.
  6. Success!!! But no bluetooth... Used the standard posted EFI package in the Guides thread and adding "-lilubetaall -wegbeta" to boot args... Updated the kexts using OpenCore configurator... Installed using USB installer... Bluetooth... 1. during boot to install USB... the computer seems to stall at some bluetooth part of the install, but after a long time, it makes it to the install screen 2. during regular boot - testing this out now...
  7. hmmm... Heading home to test this out... Going to install onto a spare HD at first... Created an install usb... Will report shortly.
  8. No HD Graphics 4000 Does this mean that its the end of the line for E6530? OR will the Big Sur drivers work in Monterey?
  9. The shorter cable worked... Is there some sort of cable length limit with HDMI cables?
  10. strange... hooked it up to a monitor with a shorter HDMI cable and it worked... now what's wrong with the TV??? Going to test with the tv and the same shorter cable tonight.
  11. E6230 and No HDMI video signal 1. used the EFI folder that's on the install thread 2. connected HDMI cable to tv 3. display preferences shows the tv and all the various scaling settings & other options, BUT the tv does not display anything or have any video at all 4. the laptop display adjusts with mirroring and other settings AS IF a display is attached 5. Not sure what's wrong... 6. checked my bios settings, but didn't see much to change in the video section 7. i recall HDMI working under Catalina and/or Mojave, but don't always have the laptop hooked up to a TV or a monitor... Don't think its a cable issue, but it might be... maybe some kext is blocking the HDMI hardware? Has anyone else experienced this issue? EFI.zip
  12. Two issues have emerged... 1. Keyboard does not work (internal usb seems to be off)... 2. No WiFI.. was using the patched kext from https://github.com/khronokernel/IO80211-Patches in an effort to make it work, but still no positive result. I got a BCM94360CS2 card as in the picture (advertised as working OOB on Ebay... But wanted to get the existing card working... I tried optimizing my EFI folder using Open Core sanity utility, but I think I might have done something wrong. Somewhere along the line, I lost an internal USB port (the one for the keyboard...) Mouse and an external keyboard work though... EFI.zip
  13. Fixed with the patched kext from https://github.com/khronokernel/IO80211-Patches
  14. I have an E6230 with an Apple Airport Card. Using Big Sur using the bootpack found on this site. I have bluetooth, but no WiFi, not sure what to do to activate it. It was working under Catalina.
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