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  1. Added the new Lilu and upgraded Clover... Installation went fine to a spare HD Then subsequent installs this particular issue emerged... Install sequence goes all the way to the apple logo and the progress bar appears, then the screen goes blank... Cant figure how one install would work and a 2nd install would go to black screen at that particular spot in the install. I attempted this several times and same issue, install progresses all the way until the screen goes black with the apple logo.
  2. How do I get sound working on E6530 with Mojave?
  3. I updated this system to High Sierra... for some strange reason, my trackpad no longer works... when I touch it, the keyboard lights up BUT I am not able to drag the mouse around... the trackpad isn't "tracking"
  4. Have built a GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 system with 500gb SSD and XFX - AMD Radeon RX 570 4G display card... ISSUES Display rotation is not properly 'remembered' better boots... Also I think some of these KEXT are not needed... Attached is my config.sys file and a list of the kext in the EFI "other" folder... Archive.zip
  5. OK... Will boot from USB and try...
  6. Have updated to the latest Mojave Beta (Released today) Upon reboot, getting dark screen, rebooted and getting dyld_shared_cache error message... Any suggestions?
  7. Nvidia graphics works?? Are you sure you are not on Intel graphics?
  8. cannot determine how to save the USB installer boot log... I could film it...
  9. Log File after installation... log.txt.zip
  10. 1. Was able to boot in debug=0x100 mode and was able to install, created user, and rebooted... 2. Black screen returned when I booted without "debug=0x100" boot flags 3. No sound - to be expected 4. Got a whole screen of coloured text in debug mode... where can I find the debug log so I can post it. 5. Migrating from High Sierra Drive now... (my CD-Rom slot is a HD) 6. Not sure how to boot without the debug=0x100 flags, but am sure someone here will see what's the issue when I post the log... 7. Saw that another user had the same black screen issue during install Will be posting Boot Log...
  11. using the exact same EFI folder for High Sierra... Install usb boots, loads everything, logo appears for 1/2 sec, then black screen... Seems to hibernate... Using Latitude E6530 - Intel Quad-Core i7-3720QM Do I need to use the patched power management kexts? Where do they go... EFI kext other?
  12. Has anyone installed High Sierra with this board... Not sure what happened to rampagedev, but he had various utilities for 10.12... I have a few of these boards that need to be put to use...
  13. That board is supposed to drive 5 monitors... I have all of mine attached... But only two display anything... In Preferences/Displays, all five show up...
  14. I am going to try an RX580 board... Do you think that board might yield a different result?
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