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  1. This is for Catalina... Do we still use AppleAHCIPort.kext and AHCIPortInjector.kext? Or are these kext superseded by something else?
  2. This is with USBports.kext without patches... No webcam
  3. These are without hackintool USBports.kext
  4. I followed your directions. Got the USB drives working with USBport.kext and no port limit patches I have all four standard USB ports working, BUT the internal webcam is not appearing at all
  5. I cannot figure out how to get hackintool to work properly. Is there a simple tutorial about this? Cannot determine what patches to check off in the Bootloader menu. Will the E6530 have 15 usb ports as it only has 4 on the outside and an unknown amount internally.
  6. There are issues updating to Beta 8... System seems to hang when booting from the OS Install Drive that's created on the HD... Somewhere when it hits broadcom kext...
  7. The battery indicator does not tell me the correct charge and the machine shuts down without warning... is there a way to fix this?
  8. With the latest developer beta, Bluetooth seems to be working now i paired a speaker and could not before will try other devices anyone else notice this?
  9. Generated a kext, but didn’t seem to work. Also there were boot hanging issues
  10. Now i am getting a "USB accessory needs Power" error message whenever I plug in a USB drive...
  11. I have a DW1540 card and a DW1510 card Would these work in the WLAN slot?
  12. I put those new kext into the clover kext other folder. I rebooted and get WIFI... better than before AND bluetooth shows up BUT it does not seem to be able to connect to any device... my small portable speakers don't connect and I cannot connect my iPhone. Are there further adjustments to make I have rebuilt caches and rebooted several times...
  13. I got the DW1830... Two issues Bluetooth does not seem to appear WIFI seems to take 30 sec or min to appear I am on Catalina Beta 5 The kext for broadcom are AirportBrmcmFixup 2.02 Brcmrepo 2.210 brcmfirmwaresttore 2.210 fakePCIIDBroadcom_WIFI 1.3.15 Are there more recent versions
  14. Added the ECDV to EC patch that was in the E7470 Clover config in the other thread. Upgrade works now... rebooted into new build... THANKS for everyone's help
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