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  1. A new issue has emerged... The system seems to automatically increase brightness as if I am pressing the brightness increase keys. I did not have this issue before and it first started appearing a few weeks ago. I cleaned the keyboard multiple times. It could be software related. Has anyone else seen a automatic brightness increase issue?
  2. Somehow I am back to this issue... No WIFI and No Bluetooth.. I keep screwing this up... Can someone look at my EFI folder and tell me what I have done so that there is no wifi and no bluetooth... EFI.zip
  3. this is my current EFI Not sure what to do now... EFI.zip
  4. The CPU is now in the Z-370 board... I have two working EFI's in other systems that "dont work" on this board... I alternately get the following screens with igpu... Unsure what needs to be modified in the EFI folder...
  5. Spent the weekend swapping CPUS to/from two identical Asus z-390F boards and a z-370 aorus gaming 7... Both CPUS's were in working systems. These are an i3-8100 CPU 3.60GHz and an i9-9900K. Was able to install monterey etc with the i3-8100... Had extreme problems doing the same with the 9900k... The system would freeze and hard crash... disk reads would be off... during boot ssds would be labeled as unreadable... changed the BIOS multiple times... the 9900k would work one second and then the system would freeze the next... The final system I used was stripped to a bare bone systems using only igpu... I had been using an RX580 board or rather boards... _________ Has anyone encountered a situation where a formerly working cpu suddenly becomes error-prone...
  6. I have had to jump through all these hoops to get i-gpu working on these boards... "other sites" have all these mechanisms... SO that's why it seems so strange...
  7. OK Its strange though... I made the current adjustments and adjusted the BIOS graphics memory to the max (I forget the exact setting...) We have 4k now... Are this minimal settings kosher?
  8. Initially, was not able to get the UHD 630 to drive a 4k display... Was able to enable 4k on internal CPU by setting framebuffer-patch-enable to zero... Now the question is : Do I need to have all these other settings? And is setting framebuffer-patch-enable to zero the proper fix for this? EFI.zip
  9. I am able to boot to Monterey with this EFI folder... BUT the initial boot menu background is RED... How do I fix this? EFI.zip
  10. the EFI hung at a certain point... It was a long boot process... Will get pictures when I attempt this again... (needed to use the machine)
  11. ICEGalaxy Can you post your install USB EFI? I can try it here on my machine...
  12. Has anyone attempted an install to this laptop? My efforts so far have not been successful, I have not even been able to get it to the install screen. Just checking if anyone else has attempted this. I know there is a graphics card support issue.
  13. So it does not like it when the computer is turned off (power off)...
  14. I updated the BlueToolFixup kext with the new build... Same issue... As everything else seems to work fine on the laptop, I will just wait for that kext to be further updated.
  15. Its very strange... Bluetooth worked... and senses (slowly) new devices.. But it does not seem to be able to connect. Unsure if it is a kext that's set to be activated or deactivated which is the issue...
  16. Strange... It was working this morning. I was able to a pair my Beats headphones and my iPhone... But now it does not seem to work... The USB ports issue seems resolved... Strange
  17. the USBPort_E7470 that is with (your) EFI package no longer activates all USB ports... (this is the kext that's found in the guide elsewhere on this site)... This is the readout from System Information.
  18. Disabled all bluetooth kext Added Bluetoolfixup Reactivated BrCmPatchRam3 Now it works... THANKS for the help... Remaining issue now is related to the USB ports...
  19. This is the list of KEXTs that are in my system Which ones are not correct... I disabled all the bluetooth ones and now the machine boots in normal time... But no bluetooth of course... (all the ones with Brcm...)
  20. I have been able to install Monterey release to this laptop... But boot is extremely slow and no bluetooth... I am wondering if the bluetooth chipset is still supported... Does an unsupported bluetooth chipset slow down the boot process?
  21. I had been able to install beta Monterey builds build 8... or somewheres around that. Does anyone have a EFI folder that works with the Monterey Release version?
  22. Why am I getting this now when I boot up? This is the same EFI from the USB drive...
  23. There was an issue with the google drive link
  24. Is using an Intel WiFI card with the itlwm kext a viable solution to getting bluetooth and wifi working on this machine... WIFI is working, but I have not gotten bluetooth to work. (I may have a card that Monterey dropped support for) Thus... will the itlwm work well? OR should I simply be testing this myself?
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