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  1. Hello, I installed Catalina on my AiO device with Clover and iGPU Radeon 530 active, but I could not switch to OpenCore system properly. Help is required in this regard. Icon is activated with ALC 274 layout ID: 21. But I can't get any sound at all. I don't want poor quality sound with VoooDHA. Big Sur would be healthier with OpenCore. I am adding the system log. This guide is really nice, but I made it according to this guide. But I can't get past the black screen My EFI
  2. Yes, I understand you. But wifi and bluetooth are not active. How can I make it suitable for my device using your EFI file. Thanks...
  3. I keep getting ACPI error in verbose mode when opening with the EFI folder I use on my system. After being turned on, wifi is not active. The Big Sur crossing just doesn't happen. I have sent the system log, ioreg and EFI folders. Can you help me? My EFI File MAC’s MacBook Pro.rar e6230-systemlog-aida64.rar
  4. Big sur upgrading is this problem screenshot
  5. I have an i5 3320M version. I've had trouble getting restarts constantly with this OC folder. I was able to open the installed catalina version by changing the ig platform id. However, upgrading to the Big Sur version is a problem. Does the GFC Lock setting need to be removed from the bios? Please help...
  6. Please help me Samsung RV520 dsdt edit for brightness and battery problem; System DSDT: http://www.filedropper.com/systemdsdt System Log: http://www.filedropper.com/samsung_2
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