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  1. Yes, I have tried that. Almost given up on having my internal display to work. Seems like just need to somehow make hackintosh realize the actual EDID of my internal display but I have no clue how to do that.
  2. Sorry about that. My specs are Dell Precision M6800 Intel i7-4710MQ Nvidia QUADRO K4100M
  3. Hey thanks for the guide! Unfortunately it didn't fix my issue, I tried the method mentioned in the above thread and I suspect that with my HDMI display plugged in (because that's the only way I can use my hackintosh) it was generating the external display's edid. So I installed windows on my computer using the Nvidia control panel and selected my internal monitor's edid. I tried injecting that edid(internal display) using clover but still only the external display is working with graphics acceleration. P.S. I also tried booting by disabling the Nvidia from clover and followed the gu
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