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  1. Hi, this laptop has GTX 1060 max q not the regular 1060. Also it has nvme ssd. Also the USB ports are 3.0
  2. Hi, there is one issue I found with this hack. When my machine wakes from sleep it turns on the display but the mouse/trackpad or keyboard become unresponsive. Whenever I click the mouse pointer goes into loading state forever.
  3. Yeah, that's how my bios is configured currently, but still no luck. Boot gets stuck at appleintelLpassi2cController and after that I get garbled screen with stop sign.
  4. Are you suggesting to disable SATA operations to Disabled mode? It has three options which are disabled, AHCI and RAID ON. Currently it is set to AHCI. Legacy is not set and Boot options are only set for UEFI
  5. It didn't work. I also tried changing the injectnvidia flag to true, but that also didn't work. It throws KP on same lines.
  6. Reinstalled with HFS and I noticed the decrease in the lag. I guess for good performance I must switch to SSD.
  7. Hii, I pressed f4 during clover boot which dumped some files in ACPI folder. That's what you were asking for right?
  8. Processor i7 7700HQ KabyLake Wifi - 802.11ac +Bluetooth 4.2, Dual Band 2.4 & 5 GHz, 2x2 - Intel Dual band 8265 Touchpad - Synaptic 1 HDMI 1 Thunderbolt port gigabit 100/1000 Ethernet Actually, I know that Intel wifi cards are not supported for Hackintosh hence I use the tplink dongle. Attaching my ACPI folder below Thanks! ACPI.zip
  9. No luck with that. I am not using any ssdt/dsdt patches as I have no clue about it.
  10. Actually, I formatted to APFS first with disk utility and then installed the OS. It usually takes solid 4-5 minutes to boot currently.
  11. Hii, I followed the guide and some other guide for this specific laptop. And I am facing following KP. I think its related to USB. I have added the 10.13.4 patch in my clover but still, the problem exists. Please check EFI.zip
  12. Hii, I am using HDD for my Hackintosh with APFS and I am facing serious lag while using Safari and Xcode. Is this normal? Also, can you help with speeding up the boot time?
  13. I was referring to 1. three fingers to switch pages and right to left slide to pull out notification tray etc. Also, Do I need to build kernel cache for kexts? is that's why my bootup is slow? (All my kexts are residing in clover not in the system)
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