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  1. Hi @black.dragon74 here debug_27495.zip
  2. tks u i only used in clover/kext/other
  3. tks u no change, it stills block shutdown
  4. Hi @Allan I really removed ALXEthernet in clover/kext/other after it pannics I put AtherosE2200Ethernet in clover/kext/other or blank. No change, It stills block shutdown tks u @black.dragon74 can u hepl me?
  5. Hi @EMlyDinEsH No? bios lates is 219, i patched dsdt from this bios. Yeh. I del kext ALXEthernet before pannics, now it don't happen anymore. I patched dsdt from data olarila.com. I apply patches (PNLF, LPC, EHCx, XHCI, HDEF, LAN, SATA, SBUS, BUS1, SHUTDOWN, HPET, IRQs, RTC, Fix Erros and Warnings, IMEI, DARWIN, RENAME). I'm sorry, I didn't remembered anymore I tks so much
  6. Hi @black.dragon74 tks u 27358.zip
  7. can someones hepl me patch dsdt solve issue shutdown tks u origin asus k43e.zip
  8. Tks u I test back and report edit: really i remove smartUPS and set ig platform id =0001000 for macbookpro 8.1 or non but don't change, it still block shutdown
  9. Yeh i patched some time but unacessfull I think something block shutdown Tks u
  10. Hi all I have asus k43e i3 2330M HD3000 ALC269 wifi 9285 AR 8151 It run perfect in 10.10.x but update 10.12.x and 10.13.x It have isues shutdown when turn off machine it still runing (black screen) I try use FixShutdown, SlpSMiAtWake in config but this issue can't solved. Please hepl me tks so much QuangBT’s MacBook Pro.zip clover asus k43e.zip
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