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Latitude E7450 | OpenCore | Big Sur Beta


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Hi everyone,


I successfully installed Big Sur beta 4 on my Latitude E 7450 using OpenCore 0.6.0. The machine is already running Catalina 10.15.6 based on Jake Lo's guide, so I will not repeat the same story (especially for specs). I only underline that this is the iGPU only model (no dGPU to be disabled here).



- keyboard, trackpad and trackstick (only with ApplePS2Controller provided in Jake Lo's packages. Latest VoodooPS2Controller will not be useful for this ALPS touchpad)

- Wifi (thanks to Jake Lo patch) using a Dell DW1560 (as per signature)

- Graphic card acceleration

- Screen backlight

- Bluetooth

- Audio

- SD card reader


Not working

- Bluetooth (and webcam)

- Audio

- Fingerprint sensor (of course, as always)

- SD card reader


Not tested

- SD card reader (supposed not working)


Hackintool (and IORegistry, of course) is able to recognize both audio and EH01 usb controller, but they seems to be "inactive" and I don't know how to fix them.

Fortunately, USB3 is working, otherwise I couldn't install macOS since I used an external WD HD on a USB3 caddy.

In any case, I share my EFI for development and further testing, especially for @Jake Lo.


Credits: Jake Lo (and all the guys and teams who inspired him for his original clover guide)


EDIT: Bluetooth, webcam and Audio work fixing IRQ issues by adding SSDT-HPET (and related patches) to ACPI. SSDT-PLUG is actually useless (you can even turn it off from the config.plist).

I updated the EFI folder.

EDIT 2: Properly injected device properties made the SD card reader working again. Thanks Jake! I uploaded the working EFI 


Big Sur Beta 5 (20A5354i) installed through software updates

Big Sur Beta 6 (20A5364e) installed through software updates

Big Sur Beta 7 (20A5374g) installed through software updates

Big Sur Beta 9 (20A5384c) installed through software updates





Schermata 2020-08-20 alle 19.51.56.png



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Hi Jake,


Thanks a lot! I had a first trial yesterday but it seemed to me not to work. Hackintool is recognizing it properly but it seems not work. I would like to try with another SD card ASAP (I had only one available yesterday) and then give a complete feedback.


EDIT: I confirm that with other SD cards I have no working reader. It is properly recognised but it isn't working. In the attached picture it is clearly shown: I have a 16GB SD card attached (yesterday it was a 32GB SDHC card).

I attach also my ioreg file for research and development.

Schermata 2020-08-24 alle 22.07.00.png

marco’s MacBook Pro.ioreg

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Assuming you have added the patch correctly, it's not reflecting in the IOReg file. 

Please note when you make any changes in OC, you need to select 'Reset NVRam' during OC picker. 

If it's not display, then press the spacebar. If it's still not working, then post your Config file for review

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In Config file, change PickerAttributes=1, change PickerMode = External, Add OpenCanopy.efi under Drivers

Remove -v from boot-arg under NVRam/Add/7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82

Add OpenCanopy.efi to Drivers folder if you don't already and download the attached replace it into Resources folder



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