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  1. Thanks Jake - downloaded as suggested, NOW WORKING. Amazeballs. cheers.
  2. cool. i had those 3, but had 'repo' in clover, not 'data'. switching out appears to make no difference. in /EFI/clover/kexts/other i have:- BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmPatchRAM3.kext in /L/E, I have nothing any other ideas? I can turn the BT on and off now, but it cannot see any devices.
  3. Oh, I've nothing in /L/E or /S/L/E
  4. debug_16132 2.zip Hi folks, have installed Catalina onto E7450 using EFIs from this site. Have used latest clover and updated key kexts, which facilitated upgrade to 10.15.4, which is all fine. Wifi shows up and works Bluetooth shows up on System Preferences and in top menu bar, but does not connect. Was working fine in High Sierra and Mojave, so my chip is definitely Wifi & BT. Debug attached. Anyone able to help? thx Mark
  5. CodecComander.kext already present. Did repair and rebuild anyway (but have been doing that regularly!). Rebooted, and it works. Odd. I wonder if it's standby related?
  6. Doh, maybe DW1510 doesn't have bluetooth!
  7. OK, so I've just found this and it worked - I have WIFI! https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11138-inventory-of-supportedunsupported-wireless-cards-2-sierra-catalina/?tab=comments#comment-86614 Need help with bluetooth! Will keep digging So now, how do I double check that I don't have anything slightly off? I guess I'm asking how I know if I'm "done"??? Or is it just a case of looking out for stuff that looks odd?
  8. After going back to basic kexts from core EFI and 7440 bundle, and removing nearly all kexts from /L*/E*, I'm in again. Wifi is DW1510, working fine in High Sierra.
  9. Can't mount EFI in safeboot - Clover doesn't appear to do anything when I click Open, and "mount_msdos" in Terminal doesn't work for me. Booting into USB installer is horrid, and I've no idea what I'm doing when I get there!
  10. Having installed chrome, graphics look a bit dodgy, at least in Safe mode. Still stuck unable to do a normal boot.
  11. Hi, Catalina installed via USB stick with Clover. Generic and E7240/7440 EFI taken from this site. Sound, screen and LAN working. No Wireless or Bluetooth. Debug attached. Have tried manually adding a few kexts, and now it won't boot unless I go to safe mode. Any ideas on getting access back (have been booting from USB installer and deleting kexts, but can't find the issue!)? Also what am I missing for Wifi/BT? Cheers debug_15225.zip
  12. SOLVED. Bluetooth sorted with files from bootpack in guide, into /L*/E* with permissions and rebuild.
  13. Thanks so much Jake. As you said I've taken a dump of the EFI package, and started from scratch. This time it's worked a treat, and it's so easy just to drop the EFI folder onto both the USB drive and to the target install drive after install. Just bluetooth to sort....
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