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  1. dctacsi

    DELL Latitude E7440 DW1550 Bluetooth

    Mojave is working without problems. I wanted to solve a factory Apple Magic Keyboard with the USB installer and in the Clover Boot menu ...
  2. dctacsi

    DELL Latitude E7440 DW1550 Bluetooth

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work for the time being, but I'm still reading and trying! Although I know that the question doesn't fit here, but you might be able to help me, after the Time Machine recovery, my Recivery HD drive disappears. can it be restored somehow?
  3. dctacsi

    DELL Latitude E7440 DW1550 Bluetooth

    Thank you very much! It works too! And is it possible to work with the USB installer or under the Clover Boot menu?
  4. dctacsi

    DELL Latitude E7440 DW1550 Bluetooth

    Hi, Today my DW1550 card has finally arrived on my Dell Latitude E7440. I'm using MacOS Mojave. WiFi has gone perfectly without any intervention, but Bluetooth is not seen by the system. Can somebody help me do what I need to make Bluetooth work? Thanks in advance!
  5. dctacsi

    DELL Latitude E7440 eGPU

    Hi, I would be interested to know that you can work on your Dell Latitude E7440 laptop under Mojave with the following EXP GDC: Link I would like to use a GTX1060 or 1070 card. Thank you in advance for your answers!
  6. dctacsi

    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    I managed to solve the problem. Error code 49187 appears to be an internal error in the structure of the APFS that occurred during the file system installation. I couldn't find a solution to fix it, so I could only recover the following steps: Step 1: I made a Time Machine backup (otherwise I just updated my existing one) Step 2: I restarted the computer and selected the installation option from the USB installer Step 3: I then run the following command in the terminal to list the disks: discussion list Step 4: I selected the disk on which the macOS is installed (in this case, this was "disk1") Step 5: Then I ran the following command (To convert an APFS container into a free space, you must first delete the container): diskut about deleteContainer disk1 Step 6: Then restore the system using Time Machine After restoring the system, I was able to partition without problems
  7. dctacsi

    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    I did exactly that (I tried with FAT, also with NTFS, exFAT or tried Boot Camp too), but unfortunately I did not get the 49187 error.
  8. dctacsi

    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    Frankly, I do not know what to try.
  9. dctacsi

    [SOLVED] E7440 Mojave partitioning problem

    Of course I have already tried installing the installer from USB via the installation interface, but I get the same error ...
  10. Hi, I want to ask for help. On E7440 I wanted to create a plus FAT partition under Mojave by reducing the existing one, as shown in the attached image for Linux. Unfortunately, the partitioning process is interrupted by error code 49187. Someone might have a tip on how I could solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  11. dctacsi

    Wake up when opening Dell Latitude E7440 display

    Thanks for the reply!
  12. Hi, Dell Latitude E7440 is running Mojave. When I fold the laptop, everything goes well, the laptop is in sleep mode. But when I open it, unfortunately, the display does not turn on immediately, but it is necessary to press any key on it. Maybe this is the solution for someone? Thanks
  13. dctacsi

    ASUS UX410UA Mojave

    Hi, Someone may have the experience of installing ASOS ZenBook UX410UA on this MacOS Mojave and, if so, should this be a compromise? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  14. dctacsi

    Mojave E7440 WiFi not working (DW1502)

    I use these ...
  15. dctacsi

    Mojave E7440 WiFi not working (DW1502)

    I've tried this before, but it also disappears, but the status update does not work.