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  1. Hello, I just noticed that AirDrop doesn't work on my Dell E7440 under Ventura (I can't see anyone and no one can see me). I searched for the cause of the error, apparently everything is fine with Wi-Fi, but I tried to turn Bluetooth on, but after turning it off I couldn't turn it back on. I linked my EFI does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance for everyone's answers! EFI.zip
  2. Do I understand correctly then that it is fine as it is now in the picture, and I cannot enable SIP at the moment?
  3. I kept the "bootarg -no_compat_check" option, but did not reset SMBIOS from MBP14.1 to MBP11.4. Should I have reset it? I do not fully understand what you wrote. I can't reset SIP via OpenCore, or can I reset it but only with OCLP?
  4. I did not remove "bootarg -no_compat_check". Should I have removed it? Since then I have reinstalled the system, but if I reset the SIP and then do a nvram reset, it won't boot for me...
  5. I set csr-active-config from 03080000 to 00000000 and then did an nvram reset. After that it didn't even boot...
  6. Hello. I used macOS ventura on Dell E7440. Once after just rebooting the system no longer loaded. The text in the attached picture is spinning to infinity. Anyone have any guesses as to what the problem might be?
  7. All right. I looked up what it's called in the English setting: "Swipe between full-screen apps" The direction of this has changed
  8. Sorry for my horrible English skills... Maybe it's easier if I attach a picture, which is what I'm thinking. As long as I used the previous VoodooPS2 kext, the direction of the hand movement was the opposite. But unfortunately I don't know if it's a setting issue or it depends on the kext?
  9. Thank you very much! I updated it to 0.8.7 and now everything is really perfect. I didn't even need a USB installer, just updated from Monterey! I just have one more question. When switching between full screens changed with the new kext, the direction of the TouchPad wave. Maybe there is a way to change this?
  10. One last question for this OC. I get this error at startup (it continues and works, but I don't know why): "OCS: No schema for HibernateSkipsPicker at 2 index, context (Boot)! Why do you write this?
  11. In theory, it should be good (of course it was restarted): Okay okay! I was the stupid one! NVRAM Reset failed... So I think it's perfect!
  12. The update was successful even without the USB installer, but unfortunately I got stuck here with the installation of OCLP. Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  13. OK. That makes sense. I have Monterey installed, but I'll try it soon. Thanks for the lots of info. I'll let you know if I succeed!
  14. I understand correctly that you ended up doing a clean installation from a USB installer?
  15. No. And unfortunately I don't know what that is...
  16. I thought I could force it, with a little setting, but if I see it correctly, you have to accept that it was possible to update it up to this point... Thanks for the help!
  17. @Jake Lo Thank you for your assistance you provided here for updating my bootpack to OC v0.8.6. It worked, I think the OC works perfectly. But for some reason the Ventura installation still doesn't work... I get this error message during installation: This copy of Install macOS Ventura.app is corrupted and cannot be used to install macOS.
  18. This is my currently perfectly working EFI with version 0.8.3, which I tried to update with "OpenCore Updater". EFI-e7440-oc083.zip
  19. No, but I'll try it soon. In the meantime, I attached the complete EFI folder as an attachment. EFI.zip
  20. Hello. I tried to update from OC 0.8.3 to 0.8.6 in order to install macOS Ventura, but unfortunately, no matter how I try, the TouchPad never works after an OC update. Is there anyone who has already successfully updated and has a working OC? Thanks in advance for the answers!
  21. Hi there. I would like to ask for some help. I want to upgrade my Dell E7440 i7 from OpenCore 0.8.0 EFI to 0.8.3. For this, I would like to ask for a little help from you, what should be changed in the config.plst file so that everything is in order? I know that a description of this is prepared after each version update, e.g. on the "insanelymac.com" page, but I'm afraid that I'll misunderstand things there due to my incomplete knowledge of English and destroy my currently well-functioning EFI folder. If anyone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. My currently perfectly working EFI folder is available at the link below: https://mega.nz/file/KKRQhDiC#atAbw7XGZnPvTsNpv0YwKA17fVveWl-osKyxiQwnkmY I'm currently using macOS Monterey v12.4, but I want to upgrade to v12.5.1 after the flashed OC. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
  22. Hello. Unfortunately, 2 months ago my SSD failed, along with my entire EFI folder and everything. After replacing the SSD I installed Windows, thinking it would be fine for a while, but so far so good. Perhaps someone could send me a working EFI folder for a relatively recent system? (Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to make one from scratch) Thanks in advance for all your help!!! Laptop: Dell E7440, CPU: i7 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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