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  1. I used your files and it worked! thank you very much!
  2. Good morning, my latitude E7470 doesn't recognize usb hdds and pendrives after updating to monterey. Other devices like my external audio devices or usb midi keyboards works but it doesn't recognize no usb drive neither from utility disk. Someone can help me? I attach my EFI folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18_EL3eyUnzaKObBWedN9YASuacxHdxTr?usp=sharing Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone! I updated my open core to latest Version; Everything seems works but now i have theese messages o OC auxiliary tool: OCS: Missing key PointerPollMask, context <AppleInput>! OCS: Missing key PointerPollMax, context <AppleInput>! OCS: Missing key PointerPollMin, context <AppleInput>! OCS: No schema for AudioOut at 2 index, context <Audio>! OCS: No schema for MinimumVolume at 4 index, context <Audio>! OCS: No schema for VolumeAmplifier at 8 index, context <Audio>! OCS: Missing key AudioOutMask, context <Audio>! OCS: Missing key DisconnectHda, context <Audio>! OCS: Missing key MaximumGain, context <Audio>! OCS: Missing key MinimumAssistGain, context <Audio>! OCS: Missing key MinimumAudibleGain, context <Audio>! Somebody can help me to fix them? thanks in Advance
  4. Sorry, i'm using the stock wifi card , i didm't change it. Is intel or Broadcom? From OCAT i've this error but is regarding audio: Original path: PciRoot(0)/Pci(0x1F,3) Path after internal conversion: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3) DeviceProperties->Add[0]->DevicePath is borked! Please check the information above! CheckDeviceProperties returns 1 error! Completed validating /Volumes/EFI/EFI/OC/Config.plist in 3 ms. Found 1 issue requiring attention. I attach my config https://opencore.slowgeek.com/?file=laptopskylake0668hR8HP&rs=laptopskylake066 Here's my sanity check
  5. Bios already updated. Yes i'm using the intel wifi bluetooth but they work. This seems like a gpu crash. Is possible to put some kext that avoid this issue?
  6. Good evening, I give you one more update. When the computer is not connected to the external monitor, it does not emit any sound, but yesterday, all of a sudden, the graphic glitch reappeared!. The problem is repeated systematically after a few hours of use: the mouse begins to slow down, the windows remain frozen and only by restarting the computer, everything returns as before and no problems. This is the efi i used I only removed the -v from the bootargs and update open core to 0.7.6 with the OCAT
  7. No, i didn't, but dell diagnostic doesn't report any issue
  8. Hello everyone. I recently managed to install big sur on dell e7470 using the efi folder on this forum. When I connect it to an hdmi monitor the motherboard starts to emit long beeps intermittently and after some time of use with the monitor attached, everything starts to glitch; the computer graphics go to hell even though the rest continues to work and I have to reboot. Has anyone encountered the same problem?
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