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OpenCore error messages after update to 0.7.7


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Hello everyone! I updated my open core to latest Version; Everything seems works but now i have theese messages o OC auxiliary tool: 


OCS: Missing key PointerPollMask, context <AppleInput>!

OCS: Missing key PointerPollMax, context <AppleInput>!

OCS: Missing key PointerPollMin, context <AppleInput>!

OCS: No schema for AudioOut at 2 index, context <Audio>!

OCS: No schema for MinimumVolume at 4 index, context <Audio>!

OCS: No schema for VolumeAmplifier at 8 index, context <Audio>!

OCS: Missing key AudioOutMask, context <Audio>!

OCS: Missing key DisconnectHda, context <Audio>!

OCS: Missing key MaximumGain, context <Audio>!

OCS: Missing key MinimumAssistGain, context <Audio>!

OCS: Missing key MinimumAudibleGain, context <Audio>!



Somebody can help me to fix them?


thanks in Advance

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https://github.com/ic005k/QtOpenCoreConfig/releases use this app for update EFI and Kext 

https://github.com/5T33Z0/OC-Little-Translated/tree/main/D_Updating_OpenCore Guida
At each release version there are variations in the configplist the errors you read are either missing parts or in use on old versions of Opencore. The app I posted above cleans the config from these errors with 1 click, obviously the efi must always be updated to the current version. TIP: Clone the EFI SSD and put it in USB and do update tests in USB when everything works pass it in SSD

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