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Latitude e7470: Big Sur issues, motherboard beeps, graphic glitches


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Hello everyone. I recently managed to install big sur on dell e7470 using the efi folder on this forum. When I connect it to an hdmi monitor the motherboard starts to emit long beeps intermittently and after some time of use with the monitor attached, everything starts to glitch; the computer graphics go to hell even though the rest continues to work and I have to reboot. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

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No such thing on my E7270 which is the E7470's little brother.


Can you check your DVMT settings (through Grub shell as detailed here by Jake Lo) and post a zipped copy of your bootloader's EFI folder? Of course, detailing your system's specs in signature would be great too so that we know what hardware you have...

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Good evening, I give you one more update. When the computer is not connected to the external monitor, it does not emit any sound, but yesterday, all of a sudden, the graphic glitch reappeared!. The problem is repeated systematically after a few hours of use: the mouse begins to slow down, the windows remain frozen and only by restarting the computer, everything returns as before and no problems.  


This is the efi i used


I only removed the -v from the bootargs and update open core to 0.7.6 with the OCAT


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I don't have that issue on my E7470 using that same bootpack. My system stays on 24/7 unless it goes to sleep.

You might want to try upgrading to latest BIOS. Check on your RAM and or hard disk. 

I'm using a broadcom wifi so if you're using an Intel wifi/BT, I don't know if that could be the cause as well. The kexts included for Intel are the latest version.

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Sorry, i'm using the stock wifi card , i didm't change it. Is intel or Broadcom?

From OCAT i've this error but is regarding audio:


Original path: PciRoot(0)/Pci(0x1F,3)

Path after internal conversion: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3)

DeviceProperties->Add[0]->DevicePath is borked! Please check the information above!

CheckDeviceProperties returns 1 error!


Completed validating /Volumes/EFI/EFI/OC/Config.plist in 3 ms. Found 1 issue requiring attention.


I attach my config






Schermata 2021-12-10 alle 14.36.18.png



Here's my sanity check

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