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Latitude E7440: graphics problem after OC update


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I'm using macOS BigSur. I upgraded from OC v0.7.3 to v0.7.5. Along with that, I also updated the kexts below.

  • Lilu from v1.5.6 to v1.5.7
  • WhateverGreen v1.5.3 to v1.5.5
  • AppleALC v1.6.4 to v1.6.6

Unfortunately, after the update, it doesn't matter what browser I'm looking at, e.g. On YouTube, videos don’t start, they just spin and spin, but they don’t move.
Maybe there is something I should have set up in OC?

(I attached my EFI v0.7.3 as an attachment)

Thank you in advance for your help!



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Given that you encounter issues after updating to OC v0.7.5, the 0.7.5 EFI may be useful too, woudn't you think? Also, did you retain graphics acceleration after the OC update? Did you make any assessment of your network (Wii?) operation?

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