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[Solved] CCC: Ventura cloned drive won't start

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I made a cloned drive (with CCC) of a fully working Jake Lo E7450 Ventura drive that was root patched with OCLP. I put the cloned drive in the same (E7450) computer, and i'm getting a boot loop / error.  


- Video of Boot Loop/Error

Debug Log

- IOReg File (from same computer, same efi file, but from source drive of clone that starts and works perfect)


Do you have any suggestions of what i can do to boot properly? Thank You

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Don't hesitate to scrounge the Net before asking on forums...


CCC probably best avoided with Ventura; there are lots of unresolved known issues.





My understanding is that you will not succeed trying to boot a cloned OCLP-patched Ventura installation; at best -if that works at all !- you would need to either:

1) clone your basic, i.e. unpatched, Ventura installation prior to OCLP patching; you may then patch your cloned disc.


2) unpatch your Ventura build, clone it, then repatch; and, of course, patch your cloned disc afterwards. 


Do consider that, since Big Sur -even more so with Ventura-, CCC (and other apps such as SuperDuper) are no longer reliable for macOS disc cloning, especially on Hackintosh running patched installations for unsupported hardware. Issues are related to (sealed and encrypted) snapshots. Many people have written about this if you care to search the Net.


Also consider alternative bootable disc cloning solutions for macOS Ventura (if such things do exist and they may not be free):




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Thank you so much for the information!! (I didn't at first find much info from googling, except for what bombich was saying.)

I was able to unpatch, then re-clone (with CCC), than patch the new clone!!!  SUCCESSS!!!  


I only had to start the machine twice so that the root patcher had a working snapshot to read I guess.  The first time i started the clone and ran the app, it said this:



This will save me SO MUCH TIME updating my personal laptops!!  



This was all done with a clean install also, i've had issue in the past with updating mac os's, and have stuck with clean installs and clones ever since.


(I also bought DoYourClone and was unsuccessful; the drive didn't show in OC picker, as does sometimes with CCC)

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