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[Solved] HP 430 G3: no HDMI audio


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hi I have had success with OpenCore on the above mentioned laptop but with all  the efi I tried  I don't get hdmi sound???

Jake I tried your pack to but same result no option to select sound from tv from sound preferences .

What can it be???

I enclose efi that I use which to my surprise I can boot to window 10 too no acpi errors



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All off-topic posts deleted. Guys, I remind that this topic is about HDMI audio...


Looking at the zipped EFI provided above, I can se that the OC config lacks the required, yet well-known, properties injection for HDMI audio: that of the HDMI connector type for the relevant iGPU connector/port (usually con1).

framebuffer-con1-enable       1        NUMBER
framebuffer-con1-type         00080000 DATA

If audio is working from the onset, the above will enable HDMI audio. Of course, the exact connector used by HDMI output needs to be verified and adjusted as required (con2, con3).


See the Whatevergreen user manual for details.

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