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  1. Hello guys, I have a problem with my Hackintosh... Currently, I am using OpenCore 0.6.0 which is working really good and didn't face any problems yet. But as a preparation for Big Sur, I wanted to upgrade my OpenCore to 0.6.2. I tried upgrading from my existing one to 0.6.2 and... it booted but the VoodooPS2 kext doesn't want to load. So, I made a clean config and downloaded all the kexts to avoid any problems. The result is still the same... Everything works except the trackpad... The keyboard works though. Also what I noticed is that after rebooting about two or three times the trackpad kext gets loaded. I am scratching my head for 2 days and I can't figure out how to fix it. Here is the "log" and I posted it as an issue on GitHub (Admins if you want me to remove the link, I will do it): https://github.com/SkyrilHD/Dell-E7250-Hackintosh/issues/10 If you need anything from me, just tell me (it can be anything)... I want this to be fixed In the attachment you can find my clean OpenCore 0.6.2 EFI with deleted serial number. Here are my specs about my E7250: - i5-5300U - 16GB RAM - ALPS Trackpad - 1366x768 OpenCore 0.6.2 EFI for E7250 (no trackpad).zip
  2. I made a Hackintosh for E7250 and it works perfectly. But I have a problem... I made in GitHub a project (as seen here: https://github.com/SkyrilHD/Dell-E7250-Hackintosh/projects/2) and the only thing left is the SD-Card Reader. Unfortunately, this requires a DSDT patch (this is the guide that I'm referring to: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/7346-applesdxc-driverdsdt-patch-for-o2-micro-sd-card-readers/) I built my DSDT in Windows and patched it for macOS. And the DSDT is working fine, but if I open it with MaciASL and let it compile, it gives me errors even I didn't change anything in the DSDT. The errors I get: Line: 11524 Code: 6126 Message: syntax error, unexpected "}" Line: 22683 Code: 6126 Message: syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File So, I don't know what I did wrong, maybe you guys can refer me to a guide (That would appreciated)... I also added my DSDT file, maybe you guys can help me to find the issue that I can't find it for a few hours. Thank you and have a nice day DSDT.rar
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