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  1. Thanks for your help @Jake Lo. I changed the alcid=13 and reset NVRAM before trying again. The internal microphone is working now. Thanks a lot. Thanks @Hervé, but I got it working without trying your suggestion.
  2. Hi @Jake Lo, I tried all these layout-ids using alcid=xx boot arg, but the internal mic didn't work for any of these ids. The audio out works every time. Should I retry with Device Properties --> PCI... --> layout-id?
  3. Hi @Jake Lo Thanks a lot for the OpenCore packs you posted here and here. I am able to successfully run Big Sur on my Dell Latitude 7480 (i7-7600U, HD620). The display, graphics acceleration, keyboard and trackpad are working along with Wifi, Bluetooth, Audio out. But the internal microphone is not working. I tried using a bluetooth headset and the mic is not working still. I searched and tried some fixes online, but nothing seems to help right now. To add some more details. I tried connecting my Jabra Headeset via USB port and both the speaker and the microphone are working fine. When I
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