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    Apple Keynote September 12

    We are awaiting in excitement the new fall Apple Keynote event.
    Some of our users are speculating to see a few new items which might include:
    New iPhone X New Macmini New Macbooks - A more "accessible" version.  
    Well, in this Keynote we have more news about "mobile" devices, about Desktops/Notebooks, unfortunately not this time...
    And you? What do you want to see at the next Keynote? Share with us 😉

    Custom styling your signature on OSXL

    Hey community!
    As you all might know we underwent a massive upgrade from our old forum to this new one. After the upgrade you might have noticed that signatures aren't that well visible. They look completely out of the place and are a total mess to look at.
    So, after tuning up our site and handling the core things, I have managed to take out some time today and was toying around with the web developer tools in Chrome.
    I wanted my signature to look a bit different and more stylish. As you can see, it also has some fancy animation once you hover over it. You can look at the source code for my signature by inspecting the element.
    Here's how you can apply custom CSS3 styling to your signature:
    Navigate to "Account Settings" from the user settings drop down menu (top right).  
    Select "Signature" section.  
    Now you need to change to source code mode as default IPS WYSIWYG is a headache when it comes to styling. Plus the CK Editor we get in Signature's section is very slimmed down (features removed).  
    To change to source mode you need to click on the source button on the editor's toolbar. Here's a visual reference: Once you switch to the source code mode, the first thing you wanna do is put your signature in the center of the screen. You can also use css but using a <center> tag of HTML would be more handy. Now, by default IPS uses span element to store your signature and span is not that friendly when it comes to animating it. The first thing you wanna do is use a div tag to store your signature and give it a custom unique ID. Like, <div id="myUniqueID"> This is a sample signature </div>  
    Here the id of our div element is myUniqueID. We will be using this ID in our CSS to style this element.  
    Now, here's the problem, once you use a div tag, your signature will take up the whole place overlapping with some controls in the signature are. Hence, it is a must to use a max-width property to circumvent this issue.  
    So, here's the basic bare bones syntax of a typical custom signature: <center> <style type="text/css"> /** Styling for our custom div element goes here **/ </style> <!-- Declare a div tag with custom ID --> <div id="myUniqueID"> This is a sample signature </div> </center>  
    Now, I'm gonna provide an other copy and paste code that shows how to control your signature's element using CSS (for noobs) <!-- Source code for Nick's signature on OSXL --> <center> <style type="text/css"> /* Styling for the root DIV tag */ #myUniqueID{ /** This will control your signature's text appearance **/ } /* Optional if you wanna do something when cursor is hovered (try hovering my signature) */ #myUniqueID:hover{ /* Code goes here */ } </style> <!-- Now we are just going to create a div element with our custom tag --> <div id="myUniqueID"> Please be kind to others. Help us to help you. </div> </center>  
    That's all that you need to know.
    Here's an advanced example of how to use custom code for signature.
    This is the current source code for my signature. If you have any doubts you are free to ask me about it.
    <center> <style type="text/css"> /** Custom animation to shake an HTML element using CSS **/ @keyframes shakeSign { 0% { transform: translate(1px, 1px) rotate(0deg); } 10% { transform: translate(-1px, -2px) rotate(-1deg); } 20% { transform: translate(-3px, 0px) rotate(1deg); } 30% { transform: translate(3px, 2px) rotate(0deg); } 40% { transform: translate(1px, -1px) rotate(1deg); } 50% { transform: translate(-1px, 2px) rotate(-1deg); } 60% { transform: translate(-3px, 1px) rotate(0deg); } 70% { transform: translate(3px, 1px) rotate(-1deg); } 80% { transform: translate(-1px, -1px) rotate(1deg); } 90% { transform: translate(1px, 2px) rotate(0deg); } 100% { transform: translate(1px, -2px) rotate(-1deg); } } /* Styling for the root DIV tag */ #nicksSign{ color: wheat; font-size: 15px; font-family: monospace; max-width: 500px; margin-bottom: 5px; background: #5f32e5; padding: 2px; -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased; box-shadow: 5px 5px 12px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.75); cursor: default; /* Prevent cursor from turning into a text selector */ user-select: none; /* Make it non-selectable */ } #nicksSign:before { content: attr(data-hover); opacity: 0; position: absolute; } #nicksSign > span { transition: all 1s; } /* Animate only when hovered */ #nicksSign:hover{ animation: shakeSign 2.5s ease-in-out infinite; } #nicksSign:hover span { opacity: 0; transition: all 1s; } #nicksSign:hover:before { opacity: 1; transition: all 1s; } </style> <div data-hover="Thankyou for being here. Greetings from OSXL!" id="nicksSign"> <span>Please be kind to others. Help us to help you.</span> </div> </center>  
    Lets us know in comments if you have any questions with you custom signature.
    Welcome to new new era of Signatures at OSXL!
    Please note: Funky signatures are strictly prohibited and are not allowed.
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    • Oh, ok well I keep it in a folder.   I also tried with Jake Lo method and Bronxteck's kext, the both keys still re-up the light but sometime the up key modifies the volume. And when I keep pressing, it seems the key is sharing the brightness with the volume. Yes it seems your E6220 also use the keys for the brightness, too bad it didn't do the trick.   Well I didn't expect it was so thought to remap these keys.
    • DSDT.dsl is just the source code; to be used in case you want to make further mods and avoid the iASL bug. If the patch does not work, you may turn and add those values Jake Lo had provided for BRT6 method before eventually considering to the patch I injected to the E6220 DSDT.   Oh and you probably need Dr Hurt's Alps VoodooPS2Controller R6 compiled by Bronxteck.
    • Thanks a lot, yes it seems it was a real mess. Following yours advises, was what my setup needed. It seems more fluid now.   For the audio I had to turn back to VoodooHDA to make it work. And for the Wi-Fi I'm using a dongle, in waiting for a BCM94352HMB. I cleaned also this part only leaving Rts for the moment. For the BCM I think I only need AirportBrcmFixup, and BrcmPatchRAMs right ?   Unfortunately, for the brightness the both keys still re-up the light, no down. I tried with the aml alone in patched folder, with the both aml and dsl but no change.   Yes you right, that's why its seems better now with the correct necessary kexts.
    • You never patched the OSID method, so it could never work... Try this DSDT instead. DSDT.aml.zip  DSDT.dsl.zip   Your kexts folder is a God awful mess! Get rid of: all those .dSYM files all those dsdt/ssdt files VoodooHDA kext (you're using AppleALC !!!) FakePCIID_xxxx kexts NullCPUPowerManagement kext AppleIntelFramebufferAzul kext USBInjector kext (you're using USBInjectAll !!!) TotallyFixStillWaiting kext (can't see why you would have any issue running disk in AHI mode on an E5440)   Then, do you really need ? AHCI_Extended_injector kext (AHCI is is supported on Dell Latitude since the D Series!) AirPortAtheros40 kext   \ AirportBrcmFixup kext     \ HoRNDIS kext                       >   just what kind of wireless card do you have ? RtWlanbU kext                   / RtWlanU1827 kext         /   You really ought to identify what hardware you run with and install only the necessary kexts. Throwing everything you can find in the hope things will work is the best recipe for trouble or disaster...   Clover config could be cleaned up a bit too but I found nothing that should cause you any particular problem bootig and running your Hack.
    • Did you meet problem that Bluetooth headphone stutters? I'm using DW1560. Wifi is good but bluetooth isn't. My headphone is Sony Extrabass MDR-XB950N1
    • Ok I will try it. I'm kind new with DSDT I don't know if I understand yours advises right. For the BIOS I think it's in EFI everything related to legacy is unchecked and the boot sequence is on UEFI.   To build my setup, I mixed some EFIs together maybe some kexts or else are the problem. I don't kwon if I'm authorized, I upload my EFI on GDrive since it's higher than the max total size allowed. And thanks for the time you spend on my case.   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YPphTD8G62CqwWLNZ1cc95SVfvjlvSjB
    • Just an update, i used rehabman's config.plist for the HD5500, added a few things from the plist provided by Jake Lo, and i finally finished installation.  Still need to figure out how to load the apfs driver, but for now ill just continue using the shell.  Looks like sound is not working yet, and ill have to get the other wifi card, but lan is working.   Ill post my final clover folder, and how im currently having to boot once i get sound working etc..   Thanks so much for all the help!
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