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    • Hi All new to her, I am a total noob in doing thhis and would like help to turn my dell laptop into a hacintosh dell running high sierra. \mlaptop specs are  dell latitude with \intel core i5 3340\ivy \bridge socket, 8 gigs ram, intel hd graphics 4000. please help me get this working i have been battling 4 days straight with all these videos from youtube etc and manage to get to the clover boot menu but nothing happens from there, i do not have another mac to do a pen drive but do have macOS High Sierra running on vm ware with unifail downloaded already, i also tried that way and does not work
    • @InsanelyDeepak codec_dump.txt.zipI've got a new one I believe.   Detected ALC289 but some sort of crazy in the Dell Specs: ALC3281   https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/precision-15-7530-laptop_specifications_en-us.pdf   Codec_Dump attached from Mint.   Any suggestions?  Plays via VoodooHDA but headphone socket sounds overdriven and isn't auto select.   Thanks   Mo codec_dump.txt.zip debug_27519.zip
    • Jake Lo.   Thanks for the reply.  Good to know I'm not going mad then.  I've done the best I can to this point.   I'll follow up as suggested.  The I2C is running in polling mode rather than via interrupt.   Mo 
    • You can put your request in for ALC289 here. Seems that's a new one. As for VoodooI2C touchpad buttons, you'll just have to wait for the developer to update his kext or post your issue there. Seems to be a known issue if you have an Alps I2C touchpad.
    • I got 2 separate jack's, one OUT and one IN. On the MSI website stands full list of IN/OUTs in this model, and it is: 1x Mic-in
      1x Headphone-out
      1x Headphone-out (SPDIF)
      1x Headphone-out (HiFi / SPDIF)

      And only SPDIF works correctly on each layout. That's why i think patching should be done, to use it correctly.
    • I tried it already, none of those layouts works correctly. ususally work ony Digital Out, and sometimes built in mic, nothing else. built in speakers working on one layout, but then mic not working. And I need all IN/OUTs working correctly  
    • @Waldemarek ALC898, there are a few already patched with AppleALC.kext + Lilu.kext give these layout-id a try 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 28, 65, 98, 99, 101