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    • Ok, I can confirm after typing exactly as mentioned works perfect Many thanks,
    • No, Jake gave you the correct values to reflect your Skylake iGPU rather than the Kabylake iGPU of the OP. Use them.
    • The ig-platform-id didn't really match with what you said. The SMBIOS seems to have changed properly. But the graphics are only in VESA mode.   I'm using OpenCore Configurator and the settings I had under DeviceProperties were,   AAPL,ig-platform-id - DATA - 09001659  device-id - DATA - 16590000   I changed to,   AAPL,ig-platform-id - DATA - 09001619  device-id - DATA - 16190000   Is it correct?    
    • You need to change the ig-platform-id to HD520 instead of using the default for HD620; change 00001B59  to 00001B19, and deviceID from 16590000 to 16190000  and SMBIOS from MBP14,1 to MBP13,1.  
    • Yes, that's correct. Some cloning software might not clone the EFI partition, so just install Clover and copy the EFI folder over.
    • @Hervé , Good to know! Thanks, i'm going to look more into that more.   I have one question still. If one were going to clone a drive to be connected eventually to a separate Apple ID / ICloud Account than the drive that i'm cloning;   1.  Is giving the computers unique Serial Number, SmUUID, MBSerialNumber the only thing i would have to do? Pretty much the steps required for iMessage. (Assuming both of the drives are going to be used on the same hardware obviously.)   2. And the SSDT would be the only thing one would have to switch, if they were switching to a different processor (same laptop or hardware otherwise)
    • Hi,   I’ve used this EFI folder to perform Big Sur Beta 11 installation and seems to be almost perfect. I notice a bit more slowness compared to Catalina. Could be because it’s Beta or either there is some issue because I experience very slow boot. Also important to refer I have HD 520 instead of HD 620.    Thanks in advance,      
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