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  1. Hello all fellow Hackintoshers, In this guide, I'll be hackintoshing a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Mobile-Workstation. From its time period, it's one of the better built systems that has an inner magnesium-alloy inside. I think that this particular workstation is a step above some of its competitors from 2016 and also, for me, was a better choice for a few reasons: Intel Core i7-6700hq or up to an Intel Xeon E3-1505m CPU with ECC memory. Up to 120hz (optional) 1920x1080p display IPS or a 4k UHD 3840x2160 IPS display Up 64gb DDR4 2133MHz RAM Up
  2. Well, I was able to get Clover working but, I can't boot with ACPI files for some reason. Here is the only working Clover guide that I could follow that: https://github.com/Errrneist/Hackintosh-Thinkpad-P50 I CLOVER.zip
  3. I really don't have any experience with OC.
  4. Hello, I had just received a Lenovo P50 and I want to install macOS on it using the Clover Boot-loader. However, after trying some guides and building my own EFI, I've come across a Kernel Panick. After the KP, it'll reboot into windows. I really want to Hackintosh this laptop but I have had no success on doing so. Is there a proper guide for my laptop and the specs as follows: I7-6700hq Intel HD 530/NVIDIA m1000m 32gb 2133mhz DDR4 RAM 512gb NVME SSD 1TB HDD Intel 8260 WIFI and Bluetooth I tried building my own EFI multiple times but come acros
  5. Oh well. Maybe I will later get something with a better touchpad. I hope that there's support soon for this particular touchpad
  6. My only gestures that work with my touchpad are basic cursor movement, scrolling and maybe tap to drag. Will those files give me full gesture support? @Jake Lo: I tried booting with a separate USB drive but I get an error: OC: Failed to load configuration! I was actually able to boot with your files but it still won't see my trackpad under System Preferences. No new gestures. Should I use big sur to get better touchpad support?
  7. Hello, I have a dell latitude 7280 that's running macOS Catalina, Clover v5119 and also with an i2C HID touchpad. Since I know that it's an i2C touchpad, I cannot figure out if it's an ALPS or Synaptic touchpad. I tried doing verbose mode to see what type of touchpad I have. I really would like to get full support for my touchpad. Although, I have tried a few links to see what kext to use but there's to many out there. For the touchpad, I have Voodooi2C, Voodooi2CHID, and voodooPS2controller in my kext folder. Some of the links that I have tried to use are: Since someone was a
  8. I actually might be able to help with a better EFI for Mojave that I have created myself. It's made from a few EFI folders but all tweaked into one. I'll post it to see if it'll work for you. @katana9x99PS: I also have watched your YouTube video with your m6700 and the GTX 980m. Credits for you making such an awesome laptop even better! EFI.zip
  9. @Zia-Ur-Rehman, did you ever get macOS working on your m4800
  10. You are very welcome. Sorry, I just deleted the bootpack. I reuploaded it just in case if needed You might want to combine the bootpack with the EFI as the bootpack has updated kexts and working config.plist. Also, with the EFI, clover might not be the most up to date. BOOT.zip
  11. Dell M6700 FINAL Catalina Clover.zip
  12. Try this, the kexts, config and the kexts that I used are attached Dell M6700.zip
  13. I don't know how to that exactly That is my first time doing an upload to google drive
  14. I don't know if mine is or not I might have to boot with a live version of linux but I don't know the terminal command in order to find out about my display connection. My guess that I have the LVDS connection as I have graphics acceleration on both NVIDIA and Intel graphics
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