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  1. @Zia-Ur-Rehman, did you ever get macOS working on your m4800
  2. You are very welcome. Sorry, I just deleted the bootpack. I reuploaded it just in case if needed You might want to combine the bootpack with the EFI as the bootpack has updated kexts and working config.plist. Also, with the EFI, clover might not be the most up to date. BOOT.zip
  3. Dell M6700 FINAL Catalina Clover.zip
  4. Try this, the kexts, config and the kexts that I used are attached Dell M6700.zip
  5. I don't know how to that exactly That is my first time doing an upload to google drive
  6. I don't know if mine is or not I might have to boot with a live version of linux but I don't know the terminal command in order to find out about my display connection. My guess that I have the LVDS connection as I have graphics acceleration on both NVIDIA and Intel graphics
  7. Let me know what your progress is. I am using 10.15.6
  8. Try this EFI, you are going to want to disable Optimus or remove the ssdt-3.aml in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/PATCHED. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ANa_PxqEGR97jjJVIOD_yq_ZZ-ymk3EP/view It was to big to upload onto the OSXLatitude server but I did it in Google drive What OS X/macOS are you using on your m4800? For the best compatibility, I have Catalina working right now. My NVIDIA card, Quadro K3000M, works in Catalina but your NVIDIA card might vary Also, the switchable doesn't keep disabling it for me as I have the bigger 17 inch IvyBridge version, M6700. Maybe I do have the EDP screen but also it could just luck.That EFI took a lot of tweaking as it's based off my specs but I can maybe build you an EFI for your rig.
  9. I do know from my experience that the HP Pro Books and Elite books are some of the easiest hacks out there. Chris1111 has done a lot of work creating the Pro Book installer, which he did update to work with BS and OC. What Open Core method did you use? Just did a quick google search and that is one very popular Hack-Book. That is why I really like HP.
  10. @Jake Lo, I still get those graphics glitched and my NVIDIA card is still seeing being seen under graphics setting in System Information Plus, my trackpad is still not working
  11. SUCCESS!!! Bluetooth now shows up and is fully working. The last thing that I would like to get working is my trackpad. I did try your voodoops2 with not trackpad, only keyboard works. Another thing that I would like to get working is that I cannot disable my NVIDIA K3000M QUADRO card. I am going to upload my ssdt that worked with my Catalina and clover SSDT-3.aml.zip Also, I am experiencing some graphics stutters and brightness doesn't work but the brightness slider does show
  12. I am having some trouble generating a USB kext for my system wth Hackintool.app
  13. I was able to fix them. THANK YOU!! but, there are two things that I can't get passed. One, I somehow can't disable gatekeeper using Hackintool. Second, my trackpad is not working. Any clue? Also, I can't access the bluetooth preference pane in system preferences
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