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  1. When using id 13 I get the combo jack pop up but the mic still didn't worked I tried all 3 options Headphones,Headset and Line In. With id 27 there was no pop up and the mic also didn't worked of my earphones.
  2. I have successfully installed macOS Big Sur on my dell optiplex 3060 every thing work's except the mic it has ALC255 codec the internal speakers and front combo jack earphones speaker works but the mic of earphone does not work the back LINE IN port does nothing. I am using layout id 11 I have also installed the combo jack app but no luck, there is no pop up screen when plugging in the earphones. My EFI.zip
  3. I have successfully installed macOS big sur on my dell e5470 with i7 6820HQ but the trackpad is not working so I need help. My EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I2Y51kp78GvVUs5yKT3G4RJIkwWsxILL/view?usp=sharing
  4. I am thinking to buy this laptop for hackintosh.I will be using it as my daily driver .Is it a good laptop and could some one please tell me how is the trackpad and do the gestures work?
  5. Nope, the same issue. I am thinking to upgrade to Dell xps
  6. thank you I will test it on this weak end
  7. so then could you please upload it on dropbox
  8. ok, will try and tell you I am using Catalina, Is your m4800 eDP (not lucky)?
  9. I know @King of Cat has put this issue to the end but want to ask one thing I have Dell M4800 with i7 4th Gen and Quadro K1100M eDP (Not lucky) the bios resets the Switchable Graphics Option. I have been using it with removing the MXM gpu from the laptop so the internal display was driven with intel hd4600 and the external display ports were not working. But now I want to use the GPU in windows so can i disable the GPU with DSDT Patching in macOS without any black screen issue, is it possible?
  10. Were you able to boot catalina from opencore?
  11. Could you please give me the clover folder of hp 8440p

  12. I actually don't want to update my bios because I am afraid to brick my device.
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