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Found 18 results

  1. I have successfully installed macOS big sur on my dell e5470 with i7 6820HQ but the trackpad is not working so I need help. My EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I2Y51kp78GvVUs5yKT3G4RJIkwWsxILL/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi all, I've been using Jake Lo's wonderful configs since Mojave for this laptop and everything has been working amazingly well compared to when I was trying to do things myself. While attempting to update to Big Sur using his OC 0.6.3 folder, my trackpad doesn't seem to work anymore. I am able to boot into my USB installer where the keyboard works but I can't move my cursor at all. Currently on 10.15.7 with OC 0.6.0 and BIOS A27 everything works perfectly. I'm fairly certain that I've made sure that my config.plist is loading the same VoodooPS2ControllerR6 extensions a
  3. Hi all, I have been using Herve's EFI files successfully with Catalina. The voodooI2C/HID files for his Latitude 7490 worked like a charm. I am moving to OpenCore and, while everything works, the trackpad shows some delay between my fingers movements and the trackpad arrow. Is this happening to anyone else? I attach my EFI folder. Thanks. EFI.zip
  4. OpenCore successfully boots to the installer but I cannot proceed with the installation because I need to format a volume to APFS. I have VoodooPS2Controller and USBInjectAll installed in the kexts os1 to xos1 patch. I have tried a few different kexts like the rehabman Alps, and the one given in the guide. I'm not sure if I should use I2c because the laptop is old. EFI(with logs).zip
  5. Hi all! I am currently using Mojave and the VoodooPS2Controller and the Trackpad works well but I don't have any gesture. I tried to use the ApplePS2SmartTouchPad kext and gestures works (Only the 4 fingers tho) but the clicks are not ok and it's unusable for that. My friend has a T480S with an Elan trackpad and that kext works very well on his laptop. My trackpad is a Synaptics one and i read that is supported one the ApplePS2 kext. I tried already to change some plist values of the kext without success. Can someone help me to have a fully functional trackpad? Thanks
  6. I’ve tried to used the VoodooRMI.kext, VoodooSMBus.kext (from here: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI) but my synaptic trackpad didn’t work (Even I’ve tried disable VoodooPS2Mouse,Trackpad and then VoodooInput inside VoodooPS2 as wel, it can’t moved). I had used the troubleshoot page, too. As you see, there aren’t any SMBus-related SSDT and I’ve modified the VoodooSMBus.kext, too. Here is my EFI as well if you want. Thanks a lot for reading my message. P/S: I also tried to add these patch from here: https://github.com/leo-labs/macOS-ThinkPad-T480s/blob/EFI.zipmaster/EFI/CLOVER/conf
  7. So I finally have Catalina installed on my Dell Latitude 7400 (i7,32gb,512gb SSD) and the touchpad will move the cursor and click, however, multi-finger gestures (scrolling, expose, ect.) do not work. Is there any specific kexts that I need installed in order to get this to work? Or does this trackpad only do simple mouse movement? I've seen some people get everything working, but they all use OpenCore, I use clover (following thread). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, Im using E6330 with vanilla install MACOS 10.13.6, currently I using VoodooPS2Controller-R6Bronxteck.kext, my trackpad working with 2 finger 3 finger, trackstick working as well, but there is a problem is my trackpad can't detect touch event when I login to MacOS, when I first turn my laptop on, it still detect touch event, that so annoying me, I'm trying some kext from dr hurts but it still not work. Any way my trackpad in setting not detect as a trackpad. Please give me some advice, thank you guys a lot.
  9. Hello guys, I have installed macOS Mojave on my Dell Latitude 5580. I had also installed the boot loader on my HDD. Now there are two main problems, the first one is that my trackpad isn't working. I had tried I2C kexts and patched the DSDTs but remain unsuccessful. It maybe due to some error. The second issue is that there is no audio. Kindly help me out as attaching an external mouse is not feasible for me :( My EFI Partition is attached P.S: I have excluded ""themes" and Microsoft folder from the attached EFI (due to total size restrictions) EFI.zip
  10. I have successfully got my hackintosh running on my Dell Latitude E7440 thanks to the guide on this forum. I have one question and tried looking for the answer, but reading through 60 odd pages of comments got difficult and I didn't fully understand so i was wandering if someone could help. How can I adjust the pressure sensitivity for my trackpad? I currently have to press quite hard to register any touch, which with multitouch gestures on a small track pad gets to do consistently. When I say press hard, it's not very much pressure, but compared to my dell xps in windo
  11. macOS 10.13.5 Trackpad itself works as far the voodooi2c kext allows and the keyboard works with the voodooPS , but the trackpad buttons are unresponsive. What could be done to fix this? Thanks in advance! debug_1545.zip
  12. Hello, I'd like to contribute to the forum and I have decided to write a detailed guide how I installed macOS Sierra 10.12.1 on my E6220 with Core-i7 2620m, HD3000, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD. I have received few personal messages for help, although there’s a perfect Enoch guide by Herve: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7914-dell-latitude-e6220-with-i5-2520m-hd3000-and-1366x768-lcd-mavericksyosemiteel-capitansierra/ and excellent generic El Capitan guide by Jake Lo: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-el-capitan-clover-guide/ I will follow
  13. Hey, I have just managed to install the Niresh Mavericks on my Dell E5520 and I am unable to get the trackpad or the Wi-Fi to work. It originally had an intel wifi card, which I replaced with the wifi card from my E6420, which is a Broadcom BCM94313HMG2L. I am unable to find a solution to this card. I tried the "temporary 43XX fix" but that didn't work. Also, I'm not sure what trackpad I have... How do I find out? Thanks! EDIT: I also have a RealTek RTL8188EE at my disposal if that helps.
  14. i am using dell E5420 i3 2nd generation 4 gb ram all working perfect except trackpad plz help me. OS X 10.10.1
  15. So I'm happily running my Lenovo ThinkPad X201 with Mavericks 10.9.5. All good, but... There are a few things I'm trying to perfect and running into trouble. 1. The trackpad is very sensative even at the lowest settings 2. The audio is quieter than my windows and linux partitions. Quite a bit quieter 3. The external VGA video port does not work. I know that the fix for the first two may lie in trying other kexts, but every time I try a different kext, I loose my QE/CI graphics (which have worked perfectly from the install). So what's the proceedure for trying different kexts
  16. i installed mac mavericks niresh version on dell vostro 3560 with i3 processor 4 gb ram 500gb hdd issues-boot0 error when i restart mac, trackpad not working, wifi not working ....trackpad nd wifi is not showing plz suggest me any solutions for ma prblm.....
  17. Hi I am new here. Just a small question. My PC is Dell inspiron 1464, now using Mavericks. its trackpad is ALPS, and I used VoodooPSTrackpad.kext to drive it. From 10.6 till 10.9, the trackpad could not work after sleep/wakeup. Many other types of trackpad on many notebook seems also suffer this problem. Recently I saw someone wrote the EADP kext, that fix the problem where audio(AppleHDA) could not work after sleep/wakeup, so I think, the problems is similar, what about the solution? Could someone write some patch or 3rd kext to fix this? If not, what is the reason for the t
  18. Hi, I used my hack yo create installer but unable to install. I then used unifail method and installed maverick on my usb hdd. but i am not able to use trackpad or mouse so unable to do anything Please help me.The usb ports are working fine Lenovo G580| i7-3612QM 2.2GHz | 6GB DDR3 | intel HD4000 1366*768 ! nVidia 610M not working| Mountain Lion 10.8.5 | Sleep, No
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