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  1. @Hervé DW1560 has too high custom duties in my country. I am planning to but another DW1820A this time confirming that it is infact a 0021 device
  2. @Hervé So I will ponder on DW1560. Meanwhile I had reapplied the patches and the system booted. But there is still no WiFi. I know this card causes instability but in my case it isn’t detected till now. What should be done?
  3. @Hervé What about Windows then? I have heard it has issues under Windows
  4. @Hervé I came to know the 1560 will also not work OOB. Is this true? Also will it work under Windows? I have a dual boot setup in place actually.
  5. @Hervé I identified the device and applied the patching via Clover Configurator. I applied the patch but to my dismay upon restarting I’m encountering the error. In verbose the last two lines are: sscn not implemented in ACPI tables fmcn not implemented in ACPI tables And the booting is stuck there. I am able to boot again my restoring the EFI partition. Kindly let me know what should I do.
  6. @Hervé I tried searching for 14e4:43a3 in the search box but nothing pop up absolutely. I had attached my updated debug file here.debug_15688.zip
  7. @Hervé @Jake Lo I apologise for my inability to properly follow the guide. I had installed the kexts motions and that made bluetooth to work perfectly. It turns on and off. But the WiFi is still undetected. In System Report under PCI, there is no hardware detected so I can't check the subsystem ID of my card. Following the guide: I am stuck at "identify the IOReg/ACPI device to which the DW1820A card is attached (use IORegistryExplorer app to that effect). Eg: RP0n@xx,yy->PXSX@0." Kindly help me how I can location the ACPI device to which my card is attached. The second step "in the absence of individual ACPI device entry under the PCI bridge for the card, select "FixAirport" ACPI Fix in Clover. That'll create a device "ARPT" @0 under the bridge and that's what you'll inject properties to. This may also require to select "AddDTGP" ACPI Clover fix if your DSDT does not possess any DTGP method. Use Clover Configurator app to that effect." I performed it but I can't find ARPT in IOReg. This may sound absolute beginner's stuff but kindly let me know how I can identify the device. Thank You
  8. @Hervé The card clearly states CN-0VW3T3. I will let you knwo once confirming from mac
  9. @Bronxteck Yes. I had double checked it. Both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled. It is further confirmed by the fact that I can use both if the services perfectly fine under Windows 10
  10. @Hervé Thank You. Sorry but I am unable to identify the problem. I had installed the AirportBrcmFixup as you may have checked from my EFI and set the bootarg brcmfx-driver=1. But there is no option for either bluetooth or wifi. I will appreciate if you please guide my a little bit. Thank You
  11. I have just received my DW1820a. On swapping the card, Windows detected it and it works flawlessly. But Mojave as well as Catalina Beta is having issues. There's no WiFi or Bluetooth. I'm trying to boot using brcmfx-driver=1 but no success. I have attached the debug file. debug_23393.zip
  12. @HervéYes but can't there be any other solution? I have purchased subscriptions of many Apps as well as iCloud storage. In addition I have funds added to this Apple ID, which most probably can't be transferred to another Apple ID.
  13. @Hervé Thank you for helping me out but the issue remains. I followed your steps in updating the configuration and then rebooted. The same issue pops up with a different customer code. I tried to clean the nvram using the terminal and also by using -s arg but get the error "Error clearing firmware variables: (iokit/common) not permitted. I have attached the updated debug file.Archive.zip Please note that I am encountering the issue with one Apple ID. My other Apple ID is working fine.
  14. Hello guys I have tried almost every solution till now to fix iMessage and FaceTime but still have no luck. My issue is that with a specific Apple ID I can login to both of these services perfectly but my primary Apple ID is having issues. The error ss is attached. By surfing forums I came to know that I should contact Apple support to resolve this Customer Code issue. I contacted them twice and both the advisors said that there is some block on my Apple ID which they had removed and I should wait for 24-48hrs before trying again. But the issue is still there. Can anyone please help me. iMessage is on of the important things I need on my Hackintosh. Kindly help. debug_14671.zip
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