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  1. Hello, I have recently purchased HP Pavilion 15 dk-0197tx. I’m trying to install macOS Catalina. I have prepared several installers in the past so I’m able to create this one fairly easily. The only thing I changed is instead of VoooDoo PS2 Controller I need to use ELAN TouchPad controller. But upon booting from Usb I encountered this error. Apparently there are a couple of errors starting from “Failed to load executable for kext xxxx”. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  2. @Jake Lo Thank You. I actually fixed the error by adding OsxAptioFix-64 in UEFI folder
  3. I have prepared bootable USB for installing macOS Mojave. The process went without error, but while booting it, the laptop is stuck at "End Random Seed". Kindly guide me. I can't seem to find a proper solution
  4. @Hervé Yes that is exactly the issue. I booted without -v and came to know that my loading bar is getting filled up all the way to 100 and stays there. There is probably no response from keyboard (Caps Lock key light does not turn on upon pressing). What should I do?
  5. @Hervé Yes I deleted all the files present in the ACPI/Patched folder. I got overwhelmed by the fact that every other line was about ACPI Error and it had already been 35-45 minutes. Guess I'll have to give it more time perhaps to boot?
  6. @Hervé Thank You for the guidance. The only thing I was able to find in the document is that my mode is equipped with an Intel dual band 7265. So I thing I can replace it with a DW1830 or a 1560. Right? I modified my previous installation made for Dell Latitude 5580. I changed the config.plist to Intel Hd620 and removed the ACPI origin fikes of my previous laptop. Then booted. The problem is that I’m encountering a series of ACPI Errors. Kindly have a look. Not sure how to resolve this. My bootargs are: npci=0x3000 -v lilucpu=9 -igfxnohdmi -cdfon -disablegfxfirmware
  7. Hello guys, I have just got my hand on an HP Envy 15-AS105TU. I am planning to install macOS Catalina on this machine. My initial search reveals that HP maintains some sort of listing that prevents the installation of WiFi cards. I am coming from a Dell laptop, where no such problem is there. Can anyone recommend a compatible card for this model that will also work in macOS Catalina? Im'm considering either DW1560 or DW1830, are they compatible with this model? I am also unable to find any guide for this specific model. Kindly link me up with a suitable guide or help if possible. Thank You
  8. @Hervé DW1560 has too high custom duties in my country. I am planning to but another DW1820A this time confirming that it is infact a 0021 device
  9. @Hervé So I will ponder on DW1560. Meanwhile I had reapplied the patches and the system booted. But there is still no WiFi. I know this card causes instability but in my case it isn’t detected till now. What should be done?
  10. @Hervé What about Windows then? I have heard it has issues under Windows
  11. @Hervé I came to know the 1560 will also not work OOB. Is this true? Also will it work under Windows? I have a dual boot setup in place actually.
  12. @Hervé I identified the device and applied the patching via Clover Configurator. I applied the patch but to my dismay upon restarting I’m encountering the error. In verbose the last two lines are: sscn not implemented in ACPI tables fmcn not implemented in ACPI tables And the booting is stuck there. I am able to boot again my restoring the EFI partition. Kindly let me know what should I do.
  13. @Hervé I tried searching for 14e4:43a3 in the search box but nothing pop up absolutely. I had attached my updated debug file here.debug_15688.zip
  14. @Hervé @Jake Lo I apologise for my inability to properly follow the guide. I had installed the kexts motions and that made bluetooth to work perfectly. It turns on and off. But the WiFi is still undetected. In System Report under PCI, there is no hardware detected so I can't check the subsystem ID of my card. Following the guide: I am stuck at "identify the IOReg/ACPI device to which the DW1820A card is attached (use IORegistryExplorer app to that effect). Eg: [email protected],yy->[email protected]" Kindly help me how I can location the ACPI device to which my card is attached. The second step "in the absence of individual ACPI device entry under the PCI bridge for the card, select "FixAirport" ACPI Fix in Clover. That'll create a device "ARPT" @0 under the bridge and that's what you'll inject properties to. This may also require to select "AddDTGP" ACPI Clover fix if your DSDT does not possess any DTGP method. Use Clover Configurator app to that effect." I performed it but I can't find ARPT in IOReg. This may sound absolute beginner's stuff but kindly let me know how I can identify the device. Thank You
  15. @Hervé The card clearly states CN-0VW3T3. I will let you knwo once confirming from mac
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