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  1. @Jake Lo I have studied the guide. Added darkwake=8 with HibernationFixup. Sleep is now working correctly. Still I have some issues, using Intel CPU Power Management, Package Power in Windows hovers around 0.4 - 0.5 Watts on idle. However, it is about 1.4-1.5 Watts at idle in macOS Catalina 10.15.2. Also I noticed that even random scrolling with trackpad in macOS pushes by CPU wattage to 2-4 Watts. Can you please recommend a solution. As a result of high power useage my battery life has significantly reduced in macOS as compared to Windows. I loose about 1% of battery in 1-1.5 minutes in macOS, while in takes Windows about 2.5-3.5 minutes. I have attached the updated Clover folder. Thank You CLOVER.zip
  2. @Jake Lo @Hervé Got it. Kindly let me know about power management. How can I be sure that my hackintosh is running at its optimum?
  3. @Jake Lo Great. How you came to know that PEG0 is the area to be searched? How can I verify that power management is correctly applied (or not)?
  4. @Jake Lo I searched for keyword “dgpu” and following result showed. Seems dGPU is off? I’m trying to learn so I’ll really appreciate if you can point how exactly I can search the IOReg myself. Thank You
  5. @Jake Lo I have added these files along with SSDT-Disable-DGPU.aml. Seems my brightness is perfect. Can you tell what these SSDTs have done? Also how can I be 100% sure that my dGPU is in fact not drawing power? Thank You
  6. @Jake LoYes there is a slider. I can increase and decrease the brightness as well. Its only that the range of beightness is reduced drastically. My maximum brightness is very very low after disabling dedicated GPU
  7. @Jake Lo Thank You. I did it but it has the same effect as wegnoegpu. My maximum brightness drastically reduced
  8. I want to disable dedicated GPU, GTX 1650 but using -wegnoegpu causes by maximum brightness to drastically get reduced. Is there a fix for this so I can disable the dGPU to maximise battery life? CLOVER.zip
  9. @Jake Lo I physically removed the SSD. It was Toshiba 128GB SSD btw. But removing it doesn’t make a difference. Only that assert error disappeared but I’m still stuck in the verbose boot. Kindly have a look at updated boot screen.
  10. @Jake Lo This system has built-in SSD. I'm trying to identify the manufacturer and model but strangely unable to find. Can you help me in this regard? I have attached the info I'm able to find. And one more thing, I only want to install macOS on my HDD. Windows will reside on SSD. I had attached the clover folder as well. CLOVER.rar
  11. @Jake LoI have created a Mojave USB in order to bypass issues related to Catalina. The problem is that even now, I’m stuck in verbose mode. I have scanned the screen and can found only one error. “AppleNVMe assert failed:...” Kindly help me
  12. Hello, I have recently purchased HP Pavilion 15 dk-0197tx. I’m trying to install macOS Catalina. I have prepared several installers in the past so I’m able to create this one fairly easily. The only thing I changed is instead of VoooDoo PS2 Controller I need to use ELAN TouchPad controller. But upon booting from Usb I encountered this error. Apparently there are a couple of errors starting from “Failed to load executable for kext xxxx”. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  13. @Jake Lo Thank You. I actually fixed the error by adding OsxAptioFix-64 in UEFI folder
  14. I have prepared bootable USB for installing macOS Mojave. The process went without error, but while booting it, the laptop is stuck at "End Random Seed". Kindly guide me. I can't seem to find a proper solution
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