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  1. WOW now i cant type ~~, how did you do this, i try using textediter and mac kext light but still buggy, nice Jake Lo, but my Command key And Option Key is swap, i try to change swapcommandandoption to true but it cant work, can u help me, i try both textedit and mackextlight So i try again then it work, the bug here is using mac kext light or text, using visual code form microsoft, coppy key <true/> and replace <false/> dont change <false/> to <true/>
  2. so dummy keyboard :<, haha still ±±± and §§§§, like when i need create a new project i need go search for the symbol and coppy then paste VoodooPS2Controllerv8.kext.zip
  3. i try both, still cant working, still § and ± for non-shift and shift, very funny keyboard haha test.zip
  4. Im Sure that i try it but it still fix ± this problem :((((, im using v8 of VoodooPS2Controller.kext by Jake Lo
  5. Today i try to create a project using terminal but my keyboard is not work right, i trying 3 different version of voodoo for ALPS trackpad, all still cant solve my problem when i using ApplePS2Controller.kext my ("Alt") key is Command and my ("Window") Key is Option but when i using Voodoo for ALPS like VoodooPS2Controller.kext my ("Alt") Key is Option Key in Mac and ("Window") Key is Command Key in mac One more think is when i press like this the result is ± not ~ , i try to replace using text in Keyboard to replace ± with ~ but it still not working. I try to replace the VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext in VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins with the ApplePS2Keyboard.kext in ApplePS2Controller.kext/Content/Plugins and rename to VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext then the keyboard cant work anymore, after this i think i need to rewrite DrHurt voodoo kext, but DrHut GitHUB is Down so i dont have source of VoodooPS2Controller.kext PLease help me to fix my Keyboard specially this key ±, thank you so much
  6. My bad, when i using kextulti to install kext like driver in window, but i forgot about appleps2controller in L/E, so 2 kext is not compare and no thing change, after remove everything i try 3 different kext is R6, R6 by Bronxteck, and v8, so just R6 show in trackpad settings, but all work for 3 and 4 finger, thank you for help, all is my bad
  7. i think 10.13.4 is not support ALPS right now, i need to wait cus i try so many kext, voodooPS2 and smarttouchpad too
  8. FAQ #5 talking about Sleep mode, im not sure am I seeing the right FAQ ?
  9. after follow your guild to make Macos High Sierra woking on dell e7270, I thinking about patch dsdt to using 3 and 4 finger like macbook, can you show me the way to do this, or just give me the way and ill try my best to get it work. Thank you Jake Lo
  10. Wow, i love yaaaa, it work right now, event shutdown, it dont need to wait
  11. I think it have a problem in backlight, when i unplug power brightness change so it make my mac freeze Here is my video that show the problem, can u help me plz, thank you Video
  12. I using kextulti app then i repair permission and rebuild cache
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