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  1. Done https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1945-dsdtssdt-patching/?p=31061
  2. Have send files for Lenovo G580 I7 gt610m itel hd 400 ar3001 ar8162, 9285 6gb
  3. Sleep Is also having it reboot on waking
  4. I used the Dsdt from the boot pack the brightness control came but I was not able to use Patched intel power management after that so the battery backup reduced. So what can i do in that regard.
  5. I currently have 10.8.5 with intel HD 4000. The issue remaining are Nvidia 610m not working and Hdmi audio not working . Other remaining things are realtech card reader. I tried edp once but didn't get good results then i replaced the old extra back.
  6. I Have copied these files manually from ml as without mouse i cannot install these. now key board also not working. My system is G580 but i7 3612qm and nvdia 610m can i use]\ patch dtst . i used in maverick it booted!!
  7. yes that is right i cant usb mouse
  8. Sir I tried both usb 2 and 3 ports both are working and can be boot from and will take any usb device other than my mouse and my track pad is ps2 connected
  9. Hi, I used my hack yo create installer but unable to install. I then used unifail method and installed maverick on my usb hdd. but i am not able to use trackpad or mouse so unable to do anything Please help me.The usb ports are working fine Lenovo G580| i7-3612QM 2.2GHz | 6GB DDR3 | intel HD4000 1366*768 ! nVidia 610M not working| Mountain Lion 10.8.5 | Sleep, No
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