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  1. My Dell Inspiron 14 3421 specs: BIOS: A13 Chipset: Intel HM76 RAM: 4GB DDR3 CPU: Dual-Core Intel Core i5-3337U (Ivy Bridge) @1.8GHz GPU: Intel HD 4000 Display: 14" LCD, 1366 x 768, LVDS Audio: Realtek ALC282 TouchPad: Synaptics Wifi+BT: Dell Wireless 1704 Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Bootloader: OpenCore 0.6.0 ## What work? * USB 3.0 * Audio (layout id=3) * Ethernet * Keyboard and Synaptics mouse (Brightness Hotkey, used to be breakless and the fix is updated to the troubleshooting page) * DVMT Pre-Allocated 32MB (WEG manual) * Webcam * NVRAM (emulated) ## What don't work? * Dell Wireless 1704 (need replace) * iService (need to call Apple) * SD card My EFI is here on Github: EFI Thanks for reading my article.
  2. Actually, I have asked the kexts' dev and he said that that kexts don't work on Ivy Bridge and older, I don't why, he said that he haven't get his kexts working on any Ivy Bridge/older system
  3. Sorry, that look doesn't good, do you mind trying this, then: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/pull/38
  4. No, I have make a issue to kexts's developer and he said that the kexts have some problems with the RMISMBus with Ivy Bridge and older CPUs. how about you, did you manage to make that kext work with OpenCore by disabling VoodooPS2Mouse, Trackpad and did you try this before: You could try using an SSDT to set _STA to zero for that PS2 device? Not entirely sure that'd work. It would make it dissapear I think from the IOService plane at least. DefinitionBlock(/* I forget all this */) External (\_SB.LPCB.PS2M, DeviceObj) // This may not be the exact path to PS2M Scope (\_SB.LPCB.PS2M) { // or whatever the path is If (_OSI("Darwin")) { _STA = 0x00 } } } Another alternative you could try doing is changing _HID to be something other than a PS2 device, using something similar to above. I'm gonna test this on my end I guess, and see what I come up with. That said, I've not needed to do something like this, all I've needed to do is prevent VoodooPS2Mouse/VoodooPS2Trackpad from loading. Setting Enabled to false for those in the Config.plist is enough The link is here: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/pull/38#issuecomment-669643309
  5. Did you try disable the VodooPS2Mouse and Trackpad before and did you try this then: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/pull/38#issuecomment-669643309. Sorry for asking too much
  6. OK, Enable 2 quirks is fixed. This problem is quite weird then, in the BIOS do't have CFG and I've asked a DELL Experts for this but funny that just keep spamming crazy message. Anyway, thanks
  7. My laptop is Ivy Bridge so do I need SSDT-Plug then? I've used the [ssdtPRGen.sh](https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh) Thanks
  8. Well, In my BIOS as you give me (Thanks for this!) show my laptop doesn't have CFG Lock so I have tried to disable AppleCpuPmCfgLock for AppleIntelPowerManagement.kext and AppleXcpmCfgLock for the Kernel(XNU) and I have received this issue. I don't know if this is another problem beside CFG-Lock-related issues so I want to ask here for helping from some kindly guide to help me fix other errors (not CFG Lock)
  9. I've done the SSDT-EC here: Results.rar ACPI.rar
  10. @Hervé I did do that (my DSDT have _STA method), SSDT-EC I mean. Here is my ACPI and my DSDT.aml if you want ACPI.rar Results.rar
  11. I'm using OpenCore 0.5.9 to install MacOS 10.15.5 on my laptop DELL INSPIRON 3421 but I'm stuck in at this. Can anyone help me. I also include the pictures as well as some log for better troubleshooting. Thanks for reading my mes sage opencore-2020-08-02-112415.rar
  12. I’ve tried to used the VoodooRMI.kext, VoodooSMBus.kext (from here: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI) but my synaptic trackpad didn’t work (Even I’ve tried disable VoodooPS2Mouse,Trackpad and then VoodooInput inside VoodooPS2 as wel, it can’t moved). I had used the troubleshoot page, too. As you see, there aren’t any SMBus-related SSDT and I’ve modified the VoodooSMBus.kext, too. Here is my EFI as well if you want. Thanks a lot for reading my message. P/S: I also tried to add these patch from here: https://github.com/leo-labs/macOS-ThinkPad-T480s/blob/EFI.zipmaster/EFI/CLOVER/config.example.plist#L500-L535 but my mouse still can’t move
  13. @Jake LoThanks a lot for trying to help me. I think the best way now is to contact DELL as soon as possible (I've just sent them a message for that, may be help). By the way, how could you extract my BIOS then, I've tried but didn't work, even I've tried the newest version from here: https://github.com/LongSoft/Universal-IFR-Extractor/releases.
  14. @Jake LoHere is my ROM file then: Fixing CFG Lock.zip
  15. It now can read my BIOS it now and make a backup (although there is a problem in the parse: "FileHeader: file alignment 10h is greater than parent volume alignment 8h") but I still can't find CFG Lock and I've tried to extract it into a readable file but didn't work, too.
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