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  1. ssprod

    HP 8470P w/AMD Radeon GPU

    Thanks again. I've re-installed High Sierra and still no change. The card is recognized in DPCI, but not showing up in OSX at all. These are my kexts currently in EFI/Clover/kexts/Other. Update: I reversed the leads on the wifi card, and it's working now with these kexts. I'd be glad to post my EFI, however I seem to be limited to under 2megs for upload. Thanks Jake !
  2. ssprod

    HP 8470P w/AMD Radeon GPU

    Thanks, Jake. 8470P’s Macbook.zip
  3. ssprod

    HP 8470P w/AMD Radeon GPU

    Thanks Jake, still no positive results. Incidentally, the intel wifi card that I replaced had 3 leads connected to it 1-3. I'm presently connecting 1+2 to the Broadcom card.
  4. ssprod

    HP 8470P w/AMD Radeon GPU

    Greetings.. HP 8470P i5 3360 CPU Radeon HD 7650M GPU I've managed to get almost everything running well with the exception of WIFI. Purchased a Broadcom 43224 card, as I've used this with another 8470P w/iNtel GPU.. however it's not working in this system. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks. OSX Latitude-ssprod8470P.zip
  5. ssprod

    HP Z1 All-In-1 Graphics Issue

    Thanks Bronx, I'll try some different boot flags, and hopefully get this card to sing.
  6. ssprod

    HP Z1 All-In-1 Graphics Issue

    Thanks Bronx, I was missing the nvidiafixup.kext however now, although it does boot with nvda_drv=1, the resulting artifacts make it unusable. Card seems to be recognized correctly, but black squares are created on the display when a folder is moved or opened. Would an EDID injection be appropriate at this point? If so, is there a guide handy? Appreciate your help.
  7. ssprod

    HP Z1 All-In-1 Graphics Issue

    Thanks Bronx.. In the original post.. Quadro 1000m is my graphics card. There are some users that claim Sierra works with this card and H. Sierra does not. Thanks again.
  8. ssprod

    HP Z1 All-In-1 Graphics Issue

    Greetings...Acquired an HP Z1 (Xeon E3-1245/Quadro 1000m) and have installed Sierra 10.12.6 via Clover method. Presently I’m only able to boot to a display w/ nv_disable=1, and have installed the Nvidia web driver. I’ve tried a number of Clover parameters including “inject Nvidia” and “nvda_drv=1, both instances rendering a black screen. . I’ve tried a few different Smbios profiles but am afraid I’m shooting in the dark. Is EDID input required for this GPU, as I have heard that some users have gotten it to work with Sierra. Thanks.
  9. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    I have re-generated ssdt, no noticeable improvement, wondering if there's a conflictive patched .aml file in my EFI. Thanks. debug_E6440.zip
  10. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    Greetings.. loving the performance on my E6440, however the (almost) constant fan noise is irritating.. have other users experienced the same issue? Thanks.
  11. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    Jake, sorry I've been out of the loop.. please find debug attached. Fan noise is still an issue, frequent and high speed. Can anything be done about that? Thank you very much! ssprod-E6440.zip
  12. ssprod

    Server migration

    Thanks Leon, still a great site with A+ support!
  13. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    Done, thank you Jake. debug_6987.zip
  14. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    Thanks Jake debug_8715.zip
  15. ssprod

    E6440 High Sierra

    Thank you, Herve. I'm clear on the clover/High Sierra then. Thanks to you and your work on the 6440 BootPack, I'm up and running with High Sierra 10.13.2. Many thanks also to Jake Lo for instructing me on the necessary kexts I required to get my 1520 wifi card recognized on this machine. One thing I'd like to address, if possible, is limiting the frequency that the fan turns on/off. I'd be happy to post my EFI+Kexts if that's cool. Once again, thank you very much.