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  1. Could you please give me the clover folder of hp 8440p

  2. Hello, could you upload or send me the kexts for hp 8440p for os x 10.11 because i can`t download the since the article is archived :)

    thank you in advice

    1. matyo


      Hello! I am also very interested, it would be highly appreciated if you could do so! thanks in advance

    2. Schmeiser


      i'm also interested in Hp8440p clover and kexts ... since i can't even boot up to the installer with clover .. either crush or don't boot at all .. would be thankful if u may help with the files !

      thanks in advanced

    3. yycrj


      Also interested. Thanks!

  3. Greetings.. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Dell E5420 iNtel i5 2520m HD3000 GPU (Hi Res) 4GB Ram System is not performing optimally, although it boots most of the time. 1-keyboard is not functional at Clover Boot Menu (rectified by an external USB keyboard, why?) 2-System boots successfully approx every 2 times 3-Random freezes, forcing reboot 4-Random graphic glitches, artifacts 5-Trackpad not functional upon wake from sleep Any assistance in getting this pup going with H. Sierra would be appreciated. (debug below) Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jktclff7zky44qk/ssprod-E5420-10.13.6.zip?dl=0
  4. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    As requested. Thank you! https://www.dropbox.com/s/soulaauwtd21pdi/D5450 Yosemite with Mojave EFI.zip?dl=0 Update--Used MausiEthernet from previous Yosemite EFI, works perfectly! Thanks!
  5. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    Works, but still only getting Headphone Out port. I seem to have lost Lan/Network now. Good news is it seems to boot quicker and no graphic glitch before display. Thank you.
  6. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    No change, sadly. Those 2 x SSDT's were in the Bootpack for (El Capitan) 5450.
  7. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    Thanks so much for your efforts, Jake. Unfortunately, After using this DSDT, I only have the Headphone Port showing up available.
  8. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    Thank you, Jake. I executed those instructions and audio is still not showing up. Presently, I have no reference to any input/output ports. Thanks again https://www.dropbox.com/s/77y27yeg7mysn1n/ssprod-E5450-10.10.5.zip?dl=0
  9. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    Greetings, I haven't been able to achieve successful audio using the ALC293 kext. I am currently getting an active Headphone port out but not on every boot. I have tried enabling and disabling the 4 AppleHDA 293 entries in Kexts to Patch as well as setting Audio to 11 in devices, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. ssprod

    Dell E5450 Yosemite?

    Jake, you were right on the money on this one again.. I adjusted the DVMT at bios level, and also installed Lilu and WhateverGreen. My only "beef" if you could call it that, is the 2 second graphic glitch before display. Thanks very much!
  11. Greetings.. Picked up an E5450 (i7-5600U/HD5500<366x768>) for the purpose of using as a mobile audio multitrack workstation, only to find out that ProTools 11 is only supported to the end of Yosemite. I've searched the forum base as well as the bootPacks, and it seems like things only get started with this series at El Capitan. I tried booting, but KP'd rendering the image shown in the attached picture. Am I barking up an impossible tree? Thank you. 5450 KP.zip
  12. Jake, you've done it again. USB and LAN now working consistently after numerous reboots. Love to know what ya' did.. thanks very much!
  13. Patched my DSDT, now I have Lan connection but no USB. Ouch! SSPROD-5420 patched DSDT.zip
  14. Thanks Jake.. Using this DSDT, the ethernet connection is not present at all in "Network" Settings.
  15. Thanks Herve, yes I have studied that post, tried the BCM5761 kext from the D630-10.12 pack which solved the members' issue, but does not solve mine. I do not have "Legacy Option Roms" option in my bios.
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