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Optiplex 3020 Graphic Glitch


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Greetings... System is running ok with Catalina 10.15.5 with the exception of the odd annoying graphics related issues, notably, when launching iTunes, my cloud library freezes the system, graphics artifacts, flashing, etc forces me to shut the system down. This behaviour also happens randomly when I access various webpages, unpredictably. Any explanation, or assistance with this annoyance would be most appreciated. Thank you. 

Dell Optiplex 3020





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Looking at your Clover config, I'd say you've got no proper CPU power management in place and your graphics settings may be incorrect too. Open your Clover config in Clover Configurator app and try the following in ACPI tab:

  • add GFX0 to IGPU patch
  • remove the SSDT table drops you applied
  • remove NoOEMTableId + NoDynamicExtract SSDT options
  • remove FixIntelGfx fix
  • add PluginType generate option

With regards to SMBIOS:

  1. iMac14,1 used Haswell Iris Pro 5200 iGPU
  2. iMac14,2 and iMac14,3 used nVidia Kepler dGPUs
  3. iMac14,4 and Macmini7,1 used Haswell HD5000 iGPU
  4. iMac15,1 used AMD dGPU

As such:

  • change your SMBIOS to iMac14,4 or Macmini7,1

Save your revised config in a separate file that you'll call from Clover Options->Config menu once you reach Clover's main boot screen.

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