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  1. It's all good, far all what it's working it's very good i'm running Mojave 10.14.3 just prompt to update to 10.14.4 i'll do a general kext inspection/update, an ssd backup an then run the update, i am very happy with how it turned out, very well i'd say, without you help it wold've been impossible to reach this far, Thank you very much, maybe latter i look to a compatible card but i'm fine with the dongle, Thanks once more, i will not write a guide for i got no credits what so ever all i did was following guides so... Thank You very much for all your help. Later...
  2. Let's see if i got it righ sorry i wasn't understanding i though that all e6230 had the same wi-fi card: I took this one out and looked : BCM943228HM4L IC: 4324A-BRCM1054
  3. Sorry I thoght that you did see the system report that i included, and you did shown me that the other card that i have (AR5BXB63) is no longer supported so i drop the idea, yes i do have the original card that is wi fi and bluetooth combo card installed same one on your Sierra Build, i don't know how i can tell you exactly how got here only thing i can pass is copy of EFI and System library extensions folder, i am not english speaking native and sometimes i may miss understand something like i did when you made the question that i thought that you ware just letting me know about solutions out
  4. We are so close so close Bluthooth is WORKIKNG And after sleep WIFI is flashing the indicator light on the top of the palmrest right beside the disk activity light, Thank You Thank You Thank You, we are so close, what shold i do i am afraid to Fªªk Up at this stage, you are a GENEUS MEN. WWOWW Thank YouThank YouThank You MacBook Pro.spx.zip
  5. Hello for starters i wold like to thank you very much, so i downloaded your DSDT.aml patch that you point me to and the internal wifi to turn wasn't able to turn on but now i see an over all improvement on the system before it wold go straight to sleep after boot and if not the audio jack wold not work, before in the system information the PCI tab had no information thanks to your DSDT.aml now has and shows the following: IDT 92HD93 audio Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet Intel HD Graphics 4000 O2 Micro SD Card Reader The system now stays awake after boot audio ja
  6. @Hervé Hello Again sorry not to write early but i was away and only arrived today late afternoon here so i was looking and the board for wi-fi and bluetooth is the same On the About this mac system report shows the model is BCM20702A0 and it lists under USB With the fallowing: Product ID . 0x819 Manufacture ID 0x413c (Dell Inc.) Version . 1.12 Serial . B00594f6126 Speed . Up to 12Mb/s Manufacture Broadcom Corp. Local ID 0x1a140000
  7. @Hervé Thank you very much for you hint, without it i could not do what i did, so following your advice i was able to install and run successfully Mac OS X Mojave on my Latitude e6230, i followed this guide from @Jake Lo and i used is Boot Files (i Believe they are directed to High Sierra) for my machine there is this topic that you wrote early to install with Enoch Bootloader to Sierra ( i follow this for the usb Mojave installer, but installed clover instead) and i noticed that you mention that everything works. On my installation i used Clover has recommended on the guide and almost everyth
  8. Thank you very much i will start this project right now, is there any advice you may consider important, and if i find my self in trouble can i return here for help, once more Thank you
  9. Hello Guys A friend of mine gave me one of this Dell Latitude E6230, But it's running Windows 10, is there a way to dualboot Without messing the Windows instalation, this laptop has 6Gb DDR3 Mem and 240GB SSD 1/2 Partitioned (Disk0s1 111.3GB & Disk0s2 111.8GB). Thanks, I hope this topic to still be alive and healty, Thanks Again. Sorry About my English I'm Portuguese so it may be some glitch on my words...
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