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  1. I managed to fire up the buttons, to control the brightness of the screen. All I had to do was change all the values in the ssdt-brt6 file from IGPU or GFX0 to VID and add the matching buttons, i.e. 0x0336 and 0x335. Of course, I tried to apply 2 hot patches with changing VID to IGPU and leaving IGPU in ssdt-brt6, but I was getting errors (no acpi acpi error brt6,ev5, smme, smie, nevt ) and the buttons didn't work. Is this solution is correct? I have a question about ssdt-hpet, because I'm not quite sure if it works and if I did it right. I generated it in ssdttime. I also have a request to check the whole Efi/config if I did everything correctly, thanks in advance my last efi EFI.zip
  2. I tried everything, ssdt-pnfl I changed from GFX0 to IGPU no lighting control in menu-> display ssdt-pnfl with GFX0 works blacklight control in menu-> display ssdt-brt6 tried with GFX0 with IGPU, does not work.... only fn+insert works any advice? Edit: I added acpi->Patch change GFX0 to IGPU find: 47465830 replace: 49475055 now ssdt-pfnl works with IGPU
  3. I edited ssdt-pnfl, changed all items from IGPU to GFX0, sleep lid started working, but after exiting sleep it will hang. blacklight works but only fn+insertv(up) edit: disable : ssdt-hept, ssdt-brt6, ssdt-gprw,+ patch hept and gprw, and sleep works but no audio edit 2: I ended up doing a new ssdt-ec-laptop, ssdt-pnfl. ssdt-pnfl only works with GFX0 (old IGPU) with IGPU ( fn+insert /\fn+up/down doesn't work) I unlocked ssdt-hept without a single path(audio came back after that) ssdt-brt6 doesn't seem to work. fn+up/down does not work, only fn+insert, I only have blacklight up. I blocked ssdt-gprw rather unnecessary sleep works with lid In hackintool in the boot log there are errors related to acpi error brt6,ev5, smme, smie, nevt edit 3: ssdt-gprw unlocked I had unlocked ssdt because dell woke up right after going to sleep EFI.zip hackintool log boot.txt.zip
  4. 1. deleted 2. deleted 3. jake lo gave me this ssdt, after adding it, dell does not wake up right after entering sleep 4. I did according to the opencore guide 5. SSDT hept I was using SSDT: Easy Way and add ssdt-hept and path
  5. next bug Sleep It does not always wake up or hangs. LID sleep does not work, only works with fn + f1 or from the menu. Waking up from sleep fires from the power button, or when I close and open the lid edit: I did as in the opencore guide, i.e: sudo pmset autopoweroff 0 sudo pmset powernap 0 sudo pmset standby 0 sudo pmset proximitywake 0 sudo pmset tcpkeepalive 0
  6. 1. SSDT-SBUS-MCHC working with kextstat | grep -E "AppleSMBusController|AppleSMBusPCI" i have two items in terminal like in opencore tutorial 2. SSDT-GPRW.aml from what I understood, this ssdt fixes sleep and rather works. Previously, I had a problem with immediate waking up after sleep 3. SSDT-BRT6.aml fn+up/down not working I changed the options from GFX0 to IGPU in two cases it does not work
  7. added layout-id to DeviceProperties and restarted nvram a few times, audio works. I had situations that the wifi did not work several times, I could not turn on the card. Same thing with the trackpad. It's working, for now. edit: I'm trying to run fn+up and down for blacklight EFI.zip
  8. All usb works. I had problem with usb 3 low voltage but after removing FakePCIID.kext ,and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext and XhciPortLimit-> false, and after adding usbmap and SSDT-XOSI + patch, usb works. Now I have a problem with the backlight, i.e. the fn+Up, down and fn+f10 keys do not work. Also, the sound does not work for me, but hdmi audio works. In the audio section in hackintool I have the audio card visible. I tried boot args alcid=12 EFI.zip
  9. Hello I've been trying to put a hackintosh on a dell e6430 for several days, but I'm at a dead end. I'm making a hack from scratch. I am using Opencore version 0.8.8. I can't deal with a few things. I have added SSDT-EC, SSDT-PNLF and SSDT-HPET + OC_Patches.plist and SSDT-PNLF in the config. I have problem with usb3 mapping, all ports work in usb2. I have a working mapping from a previous version of High Sierra. I tried to start usb with USBInjectAll.kext, FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext, FakePCIID.kext and XhciPortLimit -> True., but it does not detect usb3 ports for me. It detects them only when I add DSDT.aml to config.plist, only that the OPENCORE guide says not to add it because it is already implemented EFI.zip
  10. CPU : After a few reboots and unlocking in config.plist SSDT-PM (stupid mistake) Cpu started with turbo USB: As for the USB, I changed all smbios from 11.1 to the one I use 10.2, the camera and all the usb are working fine Thanks a lot for all the suggestions
  11. Thanks for the answer !!! Based on https://dortania.github.io/ and EFI E6x30 A24 LoRes OC 0.7.5 - Jake Lo I managed to create a new config.plist and update kext to version 0.7.9, when I run opencore I have no errors, I managed to install high sierra. Currently, everything works, except the turbo core and cam. I think the camera works on smbios 9.2, but I don't remember exactly. I tried different smbios 9.2, 9.1 and 10.1 and 10.2 ,each change of smbios was preceded by nvram reset and generating a new ssdtPRGen.sh script. (generate with flags -c 2 or 3) When i do Geekbench test, Intel Power Gadget only shows 2.7 Ghz, When My spec: Dell e6430 CPU - i7-3740qm RAM: 8G 1867Mhz GPU: intel 4000hd 1366x768 OPENCORE 0.7.9 I include acpi and configACPI.zipconfig.plist.zip edit: I have SSDT-PM.aml Disable, after switching on Cpu is 800 mhz
  12. I'm trying to install HIGH SIERRA, open core 0.7.9 on dell e6430, but it doesn't start. I use efi from this thread: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/14166-e6430-efi-for-opencore/ the installation fires normally, so its works. When I update to the latest version open core 0.7.9 I get this message: do you have any advice??
  13. It's weird, because this hack is a fresh install on new ssd drive. so? Ok i will try new clover.
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