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  1. Excellent. I going to review how to build my own config keys. Now I want to know how to make works my physical buttons under touchpad (right and left).
  2. Hello again @Jake Lo, I have tried this VoodooPS2Controller but not quite because it couldn't be tapped to click. I had to enable the correct option. On the other hand I have not dragging options and phisical buttons on touchpad disabled. I've been looking those options to enable into Info.plist file but nothing. Could You tell me how to do it? Buttons disabled and no dragging using VoodooPS2Controller I would like to do works another Fn keys on my keyboard. Do You think that is possible? like you do it with your Lenovo T490 with
  3. I have not SMBus TrackPad like You can see in this pictures Weeks ago I read this guide in Dortania web, is similar info like my touchpad, but I don't know how to apply it https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/troubleshooting/extended/post-issues.html#synaptics-ps2-based-trackpad-doesn-t-work Another info relative that I found was this https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller/blob/master/SSDT-Enable_DynamicEWMode.dsl But I don't know how to apply it too.
  4. Hello Jake, I updated the file you mentioned but is the same thing. I attached the ioreg file that you requested me. Lenovo.ioreg.zip
  5. Hello to someone and ins special to who can read this post. I'm a user more in this little world of hackintosh. I use this kind of modding devices since 2007 with my fist machine one Intel Core 2 Quad and motherboard Intel pure too. Anyway, I'm not a programmer user and less an expert of swift code or similar but I can read and understand certain codes. In this case I updated my Lenovo laptop after two years. Before I was running Mojave with more less problems but running with Clover. Currently, I installed Big Sur reading and following tutorials from Dortania web and others from YouTube and f
  6. Hi @Jake Lo I reviewd in Properties System in Win10 and I can see that I have not I2C touchpad. Tell me, Is possible to get a complete gestures in my laptop?
  7. Hi to everyone. I need help. Is possible to patch my DSDT to get a complete gestures in my laptop? Currently, I use ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext installed in /S/L/E I have touch functions but no complete gestures. My laptop is Lenovo Z70-80FG with Synaptics touchPad Gestures: scrolling up/down right clic with three fingers open link with two fingers open launchpad with three fingers down hide/show dock with four fingers to left moving objects or windows with double click hold pressing and without release I think
  8. @Bronxteck I downloaded that program but I do not reviewed yet, but I could solve my problem by myself. Thanks for your time.
  9. Hello @Tosol Could You help me with remap my keyboard keys like you mention in your post of installation in your Yoga 500 ? '' Screen brightness (with keyboard hotkeys but not Fn11-12 like on Lenovo, use Fn-Pause+ScrLk - remapped by Prefs/Keyboard/Shortcuts/ to F11-12 '' Please I need your support. Thanks in advance.
  10. I don't want to buy that app Karabiner. Thanks for you suggestion
  11. I want to know How to remap my keyboard to brightness control keys. I have a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with Core i7-5500 and my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500 running macOS HS 10.13.6 I followed the RebahMan Guide Patching DSDT/SSDT for LAPTOP backlight control and in a special part it says that if the VoodooPS2Controller.kext doesn't works correctly with your own keyboard We can custom it. Then, I follow the next steps: Determining EC query methods: - install ACPIDebug.kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Debug - I installed on S/L/E - add the ACPIDebug repo to MaciA
  12. I want to know How to get the VGA and HDMI output on the Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with Core i7-5500, my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500 with macOS HS 10.13.6 I read several guides to do it, but it's for Intel HD Graphics 3000 and I tried to do it for my graphics card, looking for similar values and replace them. Where we should patch the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext file A few small examples are here 01 02 03 In another site I found a different file to patch that is AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext, and I searched and replaced the values and t
  13. HI Tosol, I'm Luis and I want to request your help to solve issues with my Lenovo Z70-80


    I got two problems on HS 10.13.6

    - Brightness control keys

    - Output signal VGA & HDMI port


    I read your post



    I read your post and I want to know how can you remap key to brightness control, I have brightness slider on SystemPref/Display


    I have a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with Core i7-5500 and my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500


    I follow the rehabman guide to remap keys ...


    I followed this steps:

    Determining EC query methods:

    - install ACPIDebug.kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Debug - I installed on S/L/E

    - add the ACPIDebug repo to MaciASL "Sources" per README - It is on sources by default

    - apply ""Add DSDT Debug Methods" - I added this to my DSDT

    - apply "Instrument EC Queries" - I added this to my DSDT

    - I added debug.txt too

    - In Readme debug says 3 steps, but this final step:

    Third, add code to your DSDT to where you wish to cause trace messages to system.log (call \RMDT.PUSH). - I don't understand this part or what code I should add. Please your support.

    - I added additionally ioio binary file to /usr/bin/ , like it says in the guide

    - reboot

    - monitor system.log as you press your brightness keys

    After I reboot I pressed all FN keys, one by one and with combinations with Fn+ key but nothing.

    My DSDT. aml patched file is in /Clover/ACPI/patched and like it says in guide the system.log is created in root I can understand is the same folder where is my DSDT, after pressed the keys It doesn't appear anything file

    I don't know maybe I made a mistake in the process

    PD. I attached my DSDT patched

    Please help me with the solution.

    Thanks in advance



  14. Maybe Could someone tell me how to patch step by step my DSDT to my macOS High Sierra? At least, I have my origin files extracted with clover.
  15. OK. I started Clover GUI and attach my origin folder zipped My complete specs of laptops is : Intel Core i7-5500U Intel HD Graphics 5500 nVidia GeForce 840M Conexant SmartAudio HD Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Network Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 Bluetooh Lenovo Easy Camera Realtek USB 2.0 card reader My BIOS version is ABCN96WW InsydeH20, this was extracted and modified thanks to help of SPI Programmer device that I bought and the bios-mods.com site. I did it to unlock hidden settings to change DVMT graphic. PD. Attach my AIDA64 complete hardware repor
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