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  1. try setting bios legacy enable secure boot disable
  2. Try changing platform-id from 0x07009b3e to 0x00009b3e 10.15.5 black screen issue
  3. its just a temp thing till we can patch High Sierra 10.13 Azul.kext. i been using patched Sierra Azul.kext in High Sierra for some time no probs of yet
  4. Yes its Sierra 10.12.6.make sure you backup High Sierra Azul .kext AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext.zip
  5. Hi momodding the Azul.kext for frame buffer was changed on High Sierra.been trying for months to get it working Im on same port as you 0306 which is for 7 the only thing that got it to work was to patch the frame buffer on a Sierra Azul.kext and use it on High Sierra every thing worked perfectly for now at least. good luck
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