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Asus Prime Z390-P: black screen on UHD630 graphics

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Hello! I've a strange issue with video output. I've installed Catalina 10.15.5 with GT 710, cause no video output after boot. The system (with discrete GPU) work properly but with Intel UHD 630 stop the video output signal after boot... if i remove the boot argument verbose (-v) i can see the apple logo loading but after half loading no signal.


Asus Prime Z390-P

i5-9400 (UHD 630)

16GB DDR4 Corsair (2x8) 3000Mhz

1 Nvme Sabrent High performance 1TB


In bios, I have this standard options (parallel and serial ports disabled, xhci handoff enabled, legacy usb enabled, cms disabled, secure boot OS, fast boot disabled, primary display IGPU, DVMT 128Mb, etc...)


I have an identical system with same configuration and same bios settings (same mobo, same ram, same Nvme and i7 9700k) and all work properly:mad: I can't understand this is the same 9th generation intel and the same UHD630!


I've already tried to patching correct busID for all port  for my IGPU HDMI port!


I've tried to pass from all bus ID from 0x01 to 0x06 for all ports (con0, con1, con2) but no connectors detected !!! :cry:



here my first reboot with bus ID 0x01 on port 1


I've already tried with ig-platform-id 00009B3E but same problem..


In attachment my EFI (with latest reboot test on 3rd port with bus ID 0x06 and HDMI 00080000, please help me with some idea about this issue.




Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 10.41.46.png




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Thanks Zappy! I've already tried with 0x00009b3e, but same problem. 


Thanks Hervè! I've already tried with correct 3E980003 for my SMBIOS definition but the system can't detected GPU in this case.



I've solved with RX 580

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Hello all, same issue here... I've i3 8100 on z390, if correct id the system boot without graphic (black screen) with wrong id (in my case 9b3e0000, just inverted) can boot with graphic UHD 630 but with 7mb and without accelleration.. please help

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Hello Firlando, nobody can help us, this issue is unsolved, I've this issue for all my pc with 9th and 8th gen, I've tried with OC also (and it is great!) but no solve, with right id after boot black screen and can't solve with connectors remapping by bus id and ports. If you need to solve, you have to buy supported GPUS, like rx580, 570, 5500, 5600, 5700, etc. (look for all AMD supported GPU) or if you don't need great GPU and you want save money go on GT 710 2GB DDR3 (and all kepler chip Nvidia GPU). 

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