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Fn key doesn't work on e7450 with disabled 840m


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Fn key doesn't work at all. First I though I had a problem with karabiner elements, but I actually have a problem with non-working Fn key.


Every key tested with Karabiner-EventViewer gives some value. Fn key gives nothing.


Is there any help?




After lot of googling I found out that on some keyboards, the Fn key is only seen by the keyboard itself, so it can't be seen by Karabiner Elements. Since Fn + F10 changes illumination intensity of my laptop keyboard without any problem, Fn key definitely works as expected. This means that every problem that I have is related to Karabiner Elements.


I din't found option to delete this message, but it might be good to delete it in order to avoid confusion, especially since some time ago I posted another similar message where I properly blame Karabiner Elements for my problems.

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