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    Success: HP840 G3 with DW1830 Works: Sleep / Wake SD card reader Internal speaker / Headphone Keyboard / Touchpad Ethernet / Wifi (replaced with DW1830) DP video / Audio USB 3.0 Ports VGA (not tested, don't care for it)
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    Hi Friends Install macOS Catalina on Dell Latitude E6440. Install with my uploaded EFI.zip. if problem with USB Ports, Block GenericUSBXHCI.kext in Clover. USBInjectall.kext and USBinjecter.kext not worked for me. SSDT.aml is Already Present in ACPI Patched Folder for Solved the USB ports Problem in macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta. I updated my Bios version to A-23 I Attached my EFI.zip and After install.zip Folders. and Pics Also. EFI.zip After Install.zip
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