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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there, Name's Advanttage (Steve) I attend the forums, although I'll be the first to say I'm not the best at engaging, mainly for research as I don't have much to offer in the "moving forward" realm. Anyhow, attached you will find a System Report generated by Aida64 that outlines my system, which for the record is Dell E6410 NVidia 4GB(2x2GB) 750GB HDD, Windows 8.1 (primary drive) I have a spare 160 GB HDD that I'm using for this little project. I am using an iMac that my roommate has to create the installer, he is running Mavericks. Following this guide for the OS X installation works, Upon install I have to figure out a solution for Lan/Wifi but that's irrelevant for now. So, I mentioned I have the 160GB drive as my project drive, I swap out my primary HDD w/ Win8.1 x64, Ubuntu 13.10 for the spare, which is completely dedicated to this project I've undertaken. When Installing & Booting OS X Bios Settings Load Defaults Sata Controller: AHCI When working with Windows Bios Settings Load Defaults Sata Controller: RAID Anyhow, as mentioned, I can install OS X no problem. Once I reboot in to Windows 8.1 x64 installer I'm presented with the error, upon partitioning My support request here isn't to try and get Windows to install on GPT Disk, but the opposite. Any support for creating the Mavericks Installer so it anticipates an MBR disk? When I go through the USB Installer creator, it prompts me to select if I will be using MBR partitioning. I clicked Yes Everything works fine, I boot into bios, select AHCI, continue through partitioning, using the scheme outlined above. Once I get to choose my disk, OS X, I'm presented with a message that I forgot to note, but the message is complaining about how the partition OS X is NOT GUID Partition Table. I've done everything a logical fella who has been building and breaking, mostly breaking but you know how that is lol, with pc's for 18 years would do. Carefully retraced my steps from Creation of installer to the very end described just now. I'd like to avoid needing a Sata switch, KVM Switch style, for the two HDD's if I could as I can't seem to locate any, and my skills designing circuits are lacking, but present. OS X install with MBR partitioning? My goal is to Dual boot, I'll run through my troubles with alpha male Bootloader syndrome after I can get them both installed. Lol, sorry I have the habit of writing novels. Any other info just ask, I'm sure I can get it Thanks in advance Advanttage E6410SysRep.htm
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