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New security measures and GDPR compliance

This announcement is no longer active


Hi there,

As of last night we have enabled a series of new features to protect you - please read below.

Two-factor authentication
In these times where passwords easily can get lost and accounts hacked - we thought it was extra important to enable you - to protect your account.
So download "Google authenticator" or "Authy" - head over to the account settings page and enable 2fa - we also have support for USB keys like Yubibi keys.

See latest logins and account activity
Another new feature is that you can see latest logins and you will get notified if somebody new logs into your account.

Account deletion
We are also sorry to see friends leave - but when it happens - its important that the power is in your hands.
With a new feature - you can request to delete your account - data will be anonymised so that whatever solutions and help you have received or given wont be lost.

This is small things - but for a little team - we felt like we wanted todo something extra for you.

//OSXL team

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