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  1. *WORK IN PROGRESS* With this guide we are going to setup a crouton buster-core chroot and setup sommelier - this allows us to run linux apps on chromeos with graphics accel. - this guide is not perfect and its a work in progress. (Running Brave, firefox and Microsoft Edge at native speed on chromeos) Resources: https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton/wiki/Sommelier-(A-more-native-alternative-to-xiwi) Crouton installation Download crouton from: https://goo.gl/fd3zc Open a
  2. Did you ever consider testing Big Sur on it ?
  3. Original: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-xrdp-on-ubuntu-20-04/ This is a mirroed post. Xrdp is an open-source implementation of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that allows you to graphically control a remote system. With RDP, you can log in to the remote machine and create a real desktop session the same as if you had logged in to a local machine. This tutorial covers how to install and configure Xrdp server on Ubuntu 20.04. Installing Desktop Environment Ubuntu servers are managed from the command line and do not have a deskt
  4. Original: https://idroot.us/install-pantheon-desktop-ubuntu-20-04/ This is a mirrord post. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Pantheon Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Pantheon is a default desktop environment for Elementary OS. It is developed by the same team that builds the elementary OS. It is written from scratch using Vala and the GTK3 toolkit and is widely known for its highly polished appearance. This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you
  5. So... you figured out that for some weird reason it could be run to RDP (Remote desktop) into your crostini installation ? In my case, i wanted a full desktop env. - NOTICE - dont expect better performance .. in my tests crouton is faster.. but this seems more stable - its also worth to notice that the default user routes trafic from x11 to wayland to show you applications native. Its actually pretty straith forward - Install xrdp and a desktop env. like xfce4 1. Open up a crostini console 2. run: sudo apt install xrdp xfce4 While you technically could use your exis
  6. Orginal: https://www.reddit.com/r/Crostini/comments/m0r9dg/quick_tip_more_info_on_crostini_error_codes_is/ by kirbyfan64sos All the error codes you see from "Error starting Crostini" are available here. In my case, I hit error code 20, bizarrely enough while Crostini was already running. After a bit of hunting, I found these two URLs that should have logging information: file:///home/chronos/user/log/chrome is where the error codes you see are logged, and usually a bit above it is more logging messages explaining the error. Things like mounts are handle
  7. Gent


    I have a Dell Latitude 13 Core 2 Duo- 4GB DDR3- Intel Grafic - SSD and I want to make it Hackintosh, Please help me because I do not know which Mac OS fits and where to find it! I know the Dell Latitude 13 Laptop is an old device, but I want to bring it back to Mac OS. Please help me

  8. A small update from my part: I have ordered an i5 model and a usb cable for patching WP/bios on my i7 model - the i7 have nvme disk so it should be able to boot native. For i5 users, a thumbkey usb-c key with bootloade rmight be a work around
  9. Hey @Hervé - Thank you for helping out olm3ca - since i have the i7 model i have a special interest in this build (but not the time for it) - and should you guys succeed i will donate 100usd to OSXL
  10. Hi, In the light of celebrating the 10th year anniversary of OSXL - I decided to dig through the waybackmachine. Check it out! Back in 2011 when we launched our first official page, it was with a clear vision of creating a new forum, free of ads, fast and reliable - To some, OSXL was just a nerdy bunch who put together something called EDP that for the most part.. worked.. but as EDP grew so did OSXL. In 2012 iMick took charge of the design and pushed OSXL to a brand new direction - shiny and nice - wordpress was still on the front but the backend is now
  11. My pleasure - Mario did and extremely good job at fetching beers.. hats of for that.
  12. I would say its a cookie problem .. try in a inconito browser..
  13. Source: http://matthewlewis.ca/disable-or-uninstall-synology-6-1-universal-search/ Synology DSM 6.1 has removed File Station from the core and swaps out the Search functionality from File Station into its own individual package. I’ve noticed some users (myself included) have been posting on forums and stated they no use for this package and did not want it installed, and it cannot be disabled or uninstalled via the Package Center. So here are some simple SSH commands (assuming you already have SSH is enabled in Control Panel / Terminal & SNMP) you can execute on your DiskS
  14. Hi, After having installed a few browsers in crostini i noticed that links now open in firefox - eg. when clicking on a link in Geary. To fix this, this is what you wanna do: Popup a crostini console and type: unset BROWSER xdg-settings set default-web-browser garcon_host_browser.desktop sudo xdg-settings set default-web-browser garcon_host_browser.desktop Credits:
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