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  1. What a relief. It's working. (I suspect the Wi-fi switch made the difference). Here's what I did... I rebooted and checked the BIOS: Wireless Switch there are four checkboxes: WWAN, WiGig, WLAN, Bluetooth® - all are checked Wireless Device Enable: Three checkboxes: WWAN, Bluetooth®, WLAN/WiGig - all are checked. The switch on the side *was* showing red. I switched it back (on, not red). After a reboot, wireless started up, just as it's supposed to. To summarize this incredibly long journey (with huge thanks to you), these are the steps that seem to have mattered: Th
  2. I should also note the my internal drive's top-level /EFI folder has a number of files seemingly created for each boot with a filename of opencore-yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss.txt, with this data in them: 00:000 00:000 Dependency com.apple.iokit.IOHIDSystem fallback to com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily succeeded. Please fix your kext! 00:185 00:185 Dependency com.apple.iokit.IOHIDSystem fallback to com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily succeeded. Please fix your kext! opencore-2020-09-14-163048.txt.zip
  3. Yes. See the Network Preferences movie on Youtube. I was slightly surprised to see the OpenWrt5 SSID listed - this installation has never successfully been on Wi-Fi, yet that's one (of *two* SSIDs at my home...) Thanks.
  4. No change to the behavior (I still have the black outline icon. Choosing "Turn Wi-Fi On" causes it to go to grey fan, then the black outline again.) I used Utilities -> Terminal from Recovery mode to disable SIP (with csrutil disable), then booted back to Catalina disk and ran the kextcache command. I ran three variations on the kextcache command, since the first didn't seem as if it worked right: sudo kextcache -u / (gave Warning: /AppleInternal/Library/Extensions: No such file or directory) sudo kextcache -Boot -U / (gave message that everything was up to date - I
  5. Thanks for the advice and updated config.plist. Wireless still doesn't work, but the symptoms have changed. Now the Wi-Fi icon is a black-outlined fan shape. Selecting "Turn Wi-Fi On" causes it to go to grey fan for a few seconds before turn to a black-outline fan again. System Preferences -> Network - Wi-Fi shows a "Turn Wi-Fi on" button, but that has no effect. I attach the latest IORegistryExplorer output. Here's what I did: Removed IO80211Family.kext from /L/E Verified that both IO80211Family.kext and IO80211FamilyV2.kext (untouched) are p
  6. Here's the Save... output from IORegistryExplorer. Thanks. Rich’s MacBook-Dell-E7440.ioreg
  7. Alas... Replacing the /EFI/EFI/OC/config.plist with that file, then restarting did not change anything. Having worked as a software engineer for 40 years (writing assembly driver code for macOS back in the day), this tells me that SOMETHING ELSE IS WRONG. (I confirmed that the wireless card is indeed an AzureWave AW-CE123H, and that it was connected properly.) I am happy to start examining log files, searching for error messages, etc. but I need a hint about where to start looking. Thank you again for your patience.
  8. Oh dear. I just realized that I have only installed Catalina 10.15.1 on this computer. Does this invalidate all the tests I've done? I will try upgrading...
  9. This didn't work. (But you hear this all the time...) I would feel really bad if I wasn't following your instructions carefully, so I wanted to document the exact steps I have followed: 1. I re-downloaded Jake Lo's E7440 EFI folder and used its contents to replace BOOT and OC folders the internal disk's EFI folder. (I used Clover Configurator to Mount EFI, then copied unzipped contents from Jake Lo's archive. I rebooted, and the computer started up OK.) 2. I then re-downloaded the 10.14.6_IO80211Family.kext.zip from the Wireless Inventory #2 . I unzipped it and
  10. Thank you for addressing my questions. I have the luxury of being able to blow away and re-install from scratch, so I am starting over with Catalina, using Jake Lo's E7440 EFI and it has booted fine. Now I want to get wireless running using the AW-CE123H. I see that Note 5 of the 2nd Wireless Inventory says that I can do a `DSDT/kext patch` on the 10.14.6_IO80211Family.kext.zip kext. If I understand the page correctly, I have two options: Patch one of the Plugins within the IO80211Family.kext. ("Show Package Contents" on the top level .kext, then open one of those plugins wi
  11. It does seem to happen when I am logged in. Here is more troubleshooting info... I logged out of OSXLatitude. I then went into Firefox preferences and removed all cookies for "OSXLatitude". I was able to go to the front page and then click through to the Catalina 10.15.6 article as expected. I then logged into my account on OSXLatitude. I went back to the home page, and clicked the Catalina 10.15.6 article. The info below comes from Firefox 80.0 Network inspector and shows the request for that link. What other information could I provide? Many thanks.
  12. Curiouser and curiouser... When I sign off, can go to those three home-page articles. But when signed on (using Firefox and Safari on macOS 10.15.5) I get those error messages. I have tried refreshing browser/force reloading. But... I still see those errors for the other links: (I used Chrome, was signed off, used Force Reload) * Categories -> Feedback https://osxlatitude.com/bugtracker/forums/ * Report Bug -> Forum bug https://osxlatitude.com/bugtracker/forums/ What other information could I provide? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the speedy response. I did see that "Supported/Unsupported Wireless Inventory" page before I posted, and saw this note: My search queries did not turn up a page that describes/links to this procedure. There are a zillion responses, all telling me to do this, or to refer to Hervé's Guide (which I was also unable to locate). But none tell how to do it. NB: I have ProperTree and can see the Info.plist in the kext. I just need a hint of what to add... Thanks again.
  14. Also... 3. Categories -> Feedback gives this error: Thanks.
  15. [Not sure where to report this] 1. Clicking on any of the three "featured articles" ("MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 is out", "Driver for Realtek RTS Card Readers", or "Broadcom BCM4350 Wireless Cards") on the home page gives this message: 2. Going to Report Bug -> Forum Bug gives this message: Thanks for this great forum...
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