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More info on Crostini error codes is usually available from the log files


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Orginal: https://www.reddit.com/r/Crostini/comments/m0r9dg/quick_tip_more_info_on_crostini_error_codes_is/ by kirbyfan64sos



All the error codes you see from "Error starting Crostini" are available here. In my case, I hit error code 20, bizarrely enough while Crostini was already running.

After a bit of hunting, I found these two URLs that should have logging information:


file:///home/chronos/user/log/chrome is where the error codes you see are logged, and usually a bit above it is more logging messages explaining the error.

Things like mounts are handled by separate daemons, and they log to file:///var/log/messages.


In particular, anything related to disks and mounting is handled by cros-disks, and I found the following in the logs:

  2021-03-08T03:59:33.569178Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: FUSE mount program '/usr/bin/sshfs' outputted 1 lines:
  2021-03-08T03:59:33.569259Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: ERR: read: Connection reset by peer
  2021-03-08T03:59:33.569291Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: FUSE mount program '/usr/bin/sshfs' returned error code 1
  2021-03-08T03:59:33.569314Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: FUSE daemon start failure: MOUNT_ERROR_MOUNT_PROGRAM_FAILED
  2021-03-08T03:59:33.577003Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: Cannot mount 'sshfs://[email protected]:': MOUNT_ERROR_MOUNT_PROGRAM_FAILED   2021-03-08T03:59:33.577060Z ERR cros-disks[1931]: Failed to mount 'sshfs://[email protected]:': MOUNT_ERROR_MOUNT_PROGRAM_FAILED


Turns out, I had accidentally blocked the cros-sftp service from running in the container. A quick sudo systemctl start cros-sftp fixed it!

Of course, not everything might end this well, but it's something worth looking into if you get any of the dreaded container errors.





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