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A walk down history lane...


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In the light of celebrating the 10th year anniversary of OSXL - I decided to dig through the waybackmachine. Check it out!


Back in 2011 when we launched our first official page, it was with a clear vision of creating a new forum, free of ads, fast and reliable - To some, OSXL was just a nerdy bunch who put together something called EDP that for the most part.. worked.. but as EDP grew so did OSXL.



In 2012 iMick took charge of the design and pushed OSXL to a brand new direction - shiny and nice - wordpress was still on the front but the backend is now IPboard (and have been ever since)




The year is 2013 and a new design saw the light of day - it was a a nice refresh and brought a more "flat design" - between us, i never liked the "flatness" of things - keep that in mind when you think about the 2020 design - "Return of the angry dane" ;)


2014 brought more updates to the site - among other, the compat. chart for EDP which actually used the database build into EDP - behind the scenes it was some cool shit there.




The 2014 design lived with us for a long time with only minor changes along the way... but 2017/2018 brought a new design - sticking to the "flatness".




... and here we are in 2020 - a new fresh design - still running IPboard - still the same vision, a free place on the internet for macOS nerds to hangout, meet and hack the hell out of their machines.



I would like to take a minute to say thank you to all of the users of OSXL who have made this journey worth it - but also to the outstanding crew of OSXL - you guys are amazing!

Back in 2010 when OSXL was founded - one of the first machines that was hacked up was a "Dell Latitude D430" - here is the very first screenshot I ever uploaded from that machine.

post-2-097299000 1291754369.jpg


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