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Dell XPS 13 9343 Sierra - Power Management


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Hello everyone,


This is my first post on this forum, I recently started hackintosh so I'm not a expert but I want to move forward on my hacintosh.

I need help for my hackintosh, because I'm not able to have power mangement with my Dell XPS 13 9343 I5 5200U 1080p on Sierra.

I have successfully installed mac OS with DVMT prealloc set to 96mb with (platform id 0x16260002), exept power management.

My trackpad, keyboard and the system works very well.

I installed many kext and kextpatch :









After that I patched my DSDT and SSDT to replace GFX0 to IGPU to fix backlight and enable power management.

The backlight is successfully fixed but not the power management.


I try to generate SSDT.aml with ssdtPRGen.sh and the experimental technique with XCPM.

But my system isn't able to boot if I set DropOEM to false.

It stay on ApplePS2Controller but I had deleted it, and it watting for root device.


So my proc is not able to up the maximum frequency (2,7 ghz) and the IGPU too it stay to 300 mhz maximum according to intel power gadget.

My SMBIOS is set to macbookair 7,2 and it seems to have SMBIOS truncation however I have added :




to  <key>KernelAndKextPatches</key>



Here there are my IOreg, Clover folder and specification of my system.


Thank you for your help.


ps : Sorry for my lacks of typing, that's was not intentional.



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